Sunday, July 6, 2008


Before all of my readers conclude that I am out of blog sphere, let me confirm that
I was doing a month long research for a war winning weapon to achieve happiness. And I think I got something to share.....…

Happiness is a too big idea to keep it within oneself. No one can be really happy if the environment around is not happy. So to win the war of achieving happiness I present my next idea.

The new idea is named “happy-ing”.

“happy-ing” is a collection of unique ways to create happiness around you.

I am citing few examples with probable implications. I think they can be adopted and modified accordingly ……..
(Please don’t laugh at them even though some of them may sound weird. Trust me sometime weird ideas are worth trying)

1. Do you know your milkman’s name? Or the guy who gives newspaper in morning?

Get up early. Wish them, and see the bright genuine smile on their face. It can make your day!!!! This is “happy-ing”

2. Many of us go for a walk in park or jog.(some though walk in dream like me:))
While jogging in a park to test “happy-ing”, I smiled at an elderly couple. The way they waved back …..suddenly I got some new friends.
Now I go for daily walk

3. There is a lady in my work place. In my entire tenure here I have not seen her smiling or chatting with anybody. People call her unhappy soul. Decidedly I greeted her in the morning. Her reply was cold. However I continued just for sake of “happy-ing” her (and it was really tough!!!).Then one day I had an issue in her department. To my surprise she helped in……
When I turned to thank, she patted me cordially ……WOW it worked!!!

After these incidents, now I wear a happy attitude and go “happy-ing” others.

So in short “happy-ing” is spreading the aura of happiness around ……

Don’t think much …just go “HAPPY-ING”