Sunday, April 18, 2010

Desperate Letter

I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me...

But I could not; I wish I could let you see my expression, But that too I could not. I know am lost and sometime I really wanted to belong to you ...just to you. I could not. Your presence comfort me in unuttered silence and I reciprocate with equally silent perhaps got unnoticed. I was unable to show you that I know you care.
I am sure these are nothing but may be some part of those ruptured emotion which seeped through the uncontrolled mind of an Alzheimer’s meant something.

Each day you came, sat and stroked my hair while I lay passively. I could see the desperation in your eyes and yet I could not reach them, console them …I just could not. Three long years I have seen you come and go till last night.
There were confusion and wanting in you…there was life ready to enter you …I could see that. I could sense that you are tired with the regular visit with no sign of recovery; I could see your part torn in wariness, loyalty and duty for your beloved wife so much that you are forcefully withdrawing yourself from the love you deserve. The love that is waiting for you outside the door of this institution…I could see it.

My dear, love is boundless at least it should never give you a feeling of hopelessness. I am sure you will have the life that we once dreamt…but am happy if it is not with me trust me; am really happy. Before I succumb totally and bid farewell to all these bounds and emotional earthly cuffs I wanted you to know you were a special gift and though I could not tell you how much I wish to kiss you one last happy .

Still, I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


As I sat by your side,
I see a girl of twenty
I see some dreams
I see some hope....

A breeze flows
and you shift a li'l
I again look at you
I see a frailing face,
Burdened with norms and regulations,
I see the hands tied , eyes moist
But, still she smiles.....

A breeze again ;
I uncomfortably look at you
I see a girl of twenty
I see her calm and composed
I see her gaze still
I see her lips parted a bit....

She stare down at me & says
'Wash me away Oh Ganges Please'

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freedom from the dome of fear

Exactly as you all might be noticing the similarity between the words. I was just musing over these two words....

Fear and freedom attached with one other that we contemplate it distinctly …the one without other. But my observation do fetch the very idea that they are something like twin sisters…one accelerate the other.

Definitely I will like to hear your opinion ….

And thank you so much…for keeping up with my irregularities …

Love you all.

Take care