Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wish Dil Se !!!!

A year gone by with many incidents both good and bad . The year which did bypass us , we can not change it, that's not in our hand
but what is in our hand is the coming year ......

We can open our heart towards all goodness
We can try to learn always

We can try to respect others
We can learn to captivate the inner self

We can take a long drive in the unexplored mind
And seed there the power of knowledge

We can always believe in truth
And have the courage to face all ...

Let all of us build a better world of hope, love , knowledge and truth .

With this resolution I wish All colorful "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Monday, December 1, 2008

I dream Beautiful World !!!

How often you have a good morning start , even in Monday's?
Okay that's a question posed to be answered seriously .
Frankly speaking i don't always have a good Mondays...irrespective the fact that i try to motivate myself at no ends.
But the cozy rugs and blankets are nowadays posing a threat to my inner motivation [(:)]

Anyways I have a new neighbor moved, quite recently . A couple with a cute kid . For sometime I have seen them playing badminton at their lawn when I return
from office. I always pass a smile diligently to them  .
Yesterday morning I thought that its high time and I  really need to take care of my own garden space ...
I stepped  out with all the required assistance (mechanical) towards "mission garden" .

After a while I heard a faint but sweet voice ...I turned around to see my sweet lilttle neighbor ....she waved me and I returned  it back to her ...
She asked me my name and followed a long conversation ending up her at my garden.

She told me garden is about love (she informed me that her mom told her so) ...its about the way you want your garden to look...
let me put her words as it is

"aap jitna pyaar karogey ...utna jyada ful ayega" ( the more you love your plants ...the more flower will blossom)
I was taken aback with her wisdom ...she is such an angel....

I thought about it for long ....the innocence she have now long will the world allow her or more precisely how we the adults will allow her to retain...
She have no words in her dictionary as "hate" neither the word "terrorist" or "riot"
And may be that is why she is so beautiful and divine ....
i realized it doesn't take much to be like her ...except to free our mind from this word "hate"
many of us are trying hard each days ...

Does it take so much effort to be happy?
to be able to feel others pain ...?
to love ?

Not much just we need to cut out the word "I" and "MY"

whats harm in trying to built a beautiful world ?And If it is a dream then 
I do dream .......