Monday, May 18, 2009

HONESTY award From adarsh

Adarsh awarded me with the "Honest Scrap award” and has tagged me to say 10 things about myself honestly ,which I will try at my best.

Here it goes :

· I love simplicity in every form.
· I am not at all a Food craver but I can have ice-cream at any amount at any time
· I am voracious reader. There is no specific Type; I read books which I Find connection with.
· I love listening soft music in a dim-lit room.
· Am an ardent movie lover. I love movies of genres Sci-fi, mystery , Action and Rom-com
· I can never say a truth blatantly if that hurts someone.
· I hate quarrels and high speech volume
· Am an internet savvy
· I can sleep at any point of time without much effort
· I feel miserable if I fight with my dear ones

Now passing the baton to:
· Priyanka
· Jyotsana
· Sucharita
· The Wandering Gypsy
· Sam
· Arv
· Its_me
· Riya
· Fragrant Thoughts
· Misadventures of a 20 Something

Will be waiting to hear from you all Though i wanted to scrap all , but since the limit is 10 so i will pass it to another 10 persons next time.

Love you all