Monday, March 16, 2009

“Goodbye” Is Good

Sometimes “Goodbyes” are so important part of life.
It helps to understand that what is left behind is cherish able.
I think at some extent “good bye” helps to know how we are been perceived.

As I witnessed such a goodbye, I came to know that even though I had my own share of both good and bad times, but during the last few parting moments, I could only recollect the good events.

And suddenly my mind is full of contentment that yes!! everything we bypass and every moment we come across at some point of life you get the reward of those good moments shared…..

Relations have always been fascinating to me. I often wonder; how from one node of life to other we come across so many different faces….we meet…. we walk considerable distance ….and then we part . But “do we forget them”?
My answer is “no”, we can’t, because in the course of life those faces do contribute a significant role and sometime pivotal.

Farewell is such an occasion where we vow to keep those faces safeguard and may be some other sunny day we would recollect them without whom some chapters of the book called "life" would have been incomplete.

So I insist “goodbye is good”. And just a “see ya later”