Wednesday, June 11, 2008

“Expression required:”–URGENTLY

Happiness is not granted
There is a war to get it. I have one weapon which may help to win the war (at least worth trying).The weapon is called “Expression”.Right expression expressed well in right time can do wonder.

So express right away when you have one. Life is too short to keep expression pending…

Surprisingly the word expression consist of “Express” which also means fast (like courier, logistics etc) so expression must have to do something with spontaneously

I have seen people, who wished,

“Had I said sorry”, “if I had said then - I miss you” and also like “if I had said -don’t go” …wish I said “love you”…….

But when they realize it finally it is already too late …

Very few lucky get the second chance!!!!

I realized to open up the gate of expression requires lot of effort and that is because you really need to surrender yourself to your inner self. Am still fighting the war where sometime I manage to win and that is a beautiful self where I can truly relate myself …..

I guess may be that’s why I like the punch line “express yourself”.

So what‘s the wait for? If you are irritate …express that ….if you are happy …your glowing smiley face should indicate that …And if you are in love let the person know and if you are sad let your tears strengthen you ; revealing oneself is an art and not hard to learn it trust me.

Because more we express ourselves …more we get to know of ourselves and more immense potential we get hold of …..

Waiting for the right time?

Frankly speaking the right time is “right now”……

"Express –to show, manifest, or reveal”:"

Monday, June 9, 2008

AM TAGGED .......

Okay !!! now am to this tagging area .And i never thought it will be so beautiful experience .
Sucharita and Sidhubaba tagged me . Wow!!

so as per rules am posting the next three lines from page 123 of the book :"Love Stories" (by Eric Seagal)

that his hair had grown grayish(and perhaps thinner) in these three years.
'Come in son,'he said.I could not read the tone .

so i don't know what happens next (i hope soon to reach that page !!)

well I am Tagging My Five favourite Blog Freinds ...attached together with thoughts and words .....


Am happy to find these wonderful people here .