Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going out-of-box of ‘Boxed life

We live in a boxed life. Well if not all most of the ‘privileged’ ones does. You might be thinking I have gone nuts. But sometime realization bites me hard …only to be soothed away by time I guess. Coming back to the point “box life”, strangely I did get some vibes urging me to throw away the cuffs and it’s-easy-this-way life.

Wondered how the sweet home is a ‘box shaped’ entity? Or for the matter of fact that hangout zone…the comfortable cubicle where our career prospects grow at a rate of inversely proportional with happiness quotient?

I was completely taken aback when I realized the uncanny resemblance with the suffocating box cramped life. When I first thought of going out and breaking the hard shells of this box …sudden fear gripped me. I am so used to this structure of living….so habituate to the hassle free uber-lifestyle. I was so scared to take my feet out of the box and dangle it freely and feel the smooth air caressing it. But the freedom, the loosening act was so tempting; it was hard to control the urge of cutting all the ties. Again contemplating the desire, priority, responsibility, maturity tried hard to mess my mind. A delusional mind that’s deciding between rational livings with irrational emotional pursuit is really hard to manage. But unlike all the time …this time I cannot be diplomatic…

A concrete decision is needed. I chose out of box living. I am going out of priorities, of guidelines and specially ‘everyone does this’ benchmark. I am going to live life in my own terms. I am going to travel a lot…I ‘m going to meet new people and occasionally am going to share some secrets …C’mon it’s ONLY ONE LIFE and we don’t have any REWIND PAUSE Button ….

Are you guys with me? (Would like to hear a ‘yes’) …

Would love to hear your idea of living J

With love