Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wish Dil Se !!!!

A year gone by with many incidents both good and bad . The year which did bypass us , we can not change it, that's not in our hand
but what is in our hand is the coming year ......

We can open our heart towards all goodness
We can try to learn always

We can try to respect others
We can learn to captivate the inner self

We can take a long drive in the unexplored mind
And seed there the power of knowledge

We can always believe in truth
And have the courage to face all ...

Let all of us build a better world of hope, love , knowledge and truth .

With this resolution I wish All colorful "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Monday, December 1, 2008

I dream Beautiful World !!!

How often you have a good morning start , even in Monday's?
Okay that's a question posed to be answered seriously .
Frankly speaking i don't always have a good Mondays...irrespective the fact that i try to motivate myself at no ends.
But the cozy rugs and blankets are nowadays posing a threat to my inner motivation [(:)]

Anyways I have a new neighbor moved, quite recently . A couple with a cute kid . For sometime I have seen them playing badminton at their lawn when I return
from office. I always pass a smile diligently to them  .
Yesterday morning I thought that its high time and I  really need to take care of my own garden space ...
I stepped  out with all the required assistance (mechanical) towards "mission garden" .

After a while I heard a faint but sweet voice ...I turned around to see my sweet lilttle neighbor ....she waved me and I returned  it back to her ...
She asked me my name and followed a long conversation ending up her at my garden.

She told me garden is about love (she informed me that her mom told her so) ...its about the way you want your garden to look...
let me put her words as it is

"aap jitna pyaar karogey ...utna jyada ful ayega" ( the more you love your plants ...the more flower will blossom)
I was taken aback with her wisdom ...she is such an angel....

I thought about it for long ....the innocence she have now long will the world allow her or more precisely how we the adults will allow her to retain...
She have no words in her dictionary as "hate" neither the word "terrorist" or "riot"
And may be that is why she is so beautiful and divine ....
i realized it doesn't take much to be like her ...except to free our mind from this word "hate"
many of us are trying hard each days ...

Does it take so much effort to be happy?
to be able to feel others pain ...?
to love ?

Not much just we need to cut out the word "I" and "MY"

whats harm in trying to built a beautiful world ?And If it is a dream then 
I do dream .......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Power Unleashed

It’s a bright morning again here at Delhi. Though I must admit the winter is set ready to embrace all with its magical cold breeze. By the way I am a big fan of winter .

Winter always reminds me of warmth. Warmth in stylish jackets, in woolen pullovers and of course warmth in all those hang out places ….

I am feeling lot positive vibes nowadays. And strangely am getting up in the morning with a smile on my face; presumably for “happy dreams" last night.

I was quite amused about this positive change with "no tension" like eerie feelings.

Why so? I questioned myself on this particular afternoon over a cup of tea.

I realized....

.. this is happy morning because I wanted it to be happy

this is a bright cheerful day because I wanted it to be so and suddenly I felt myself so powerful, so enigmatic …..

May be coz somewhere in my childhood memories I had happy play time during winter vacations …and so winters got synonymous with happy moments for me …

once again illuminates the idea how strong we are mentally …how absolutely enormous power we have to change our surroundings …just we don’t use them.

And I vowed myself over that cup of tea :

  • Am not going to think of any sentences that start with “what if I had….”
  • Am not going to repent on any thing …that’s a learning experience
  • Am going to pamper myself with beautiful dreams . May be I can not fulfill all of them but yes I can give a try and definitely I will succeed at least in couple of them
  • And lastly am going to explore my inner self ….to know who am I ? And I know that’s the toughest of the lot.

Well that’s all about me …but don’t forget to share with me what’s your best season and why and what’s your stake on this

Have bright moments!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy - Answers

What is an Obstacle ?

Not a very hard to answer we all face them in quite many ranges in everyday life .

Interestingly dictionary answers it this way :

An obstacle is something, material or non material, that stands in the way of literal or figurative progress

It suddenly appeared to me that the answer is pessimistic …something which induces a low down feeling .......

Why not giving them a new perspective and follow them . I am going to add a new view point. And I will be happy if you all write up some new optimistic opinions or anything you feel like to share. I will add them serial wise .

  • I think Obstacle is a way of knowing one’s hidden potential in order to win any Challenges or any hindrance
  • I think Obstacle is the gap between living life and leading the life. [Contributed by life is good]
  • Obstacles and our attempts at getting through it make us appreciate our lives much better. So I would say Obstacles are like stimulants to a beautiful life [Contributed by Arv ]

  • Obstacle is the last test on route 2 success. I believe, if there comes, at some stage, an obstacle in my path then behind it lies surely my goal. [ Contributed by Arunima ]

  • Obstacle is that bit of reality which trips you up when you're dreaming. OR it can also be that challenge you negotiate in order to realise your dream. [Contributed by Sucharita Sarkar]

  • Obstacles make our journeys worthwile..They are not stumbling Blocks rather stepping stones... [Contributed by The Rebel ]
  • obstacles bring adventure to our lives and...also obstacles bring us close to God as we seek to his blessings in difficult times. [Contributed by its_me ]
  • An obstacle is the difference in the ordinary and the extra ordinary..those who dont cross it are ordinary,and those who do are EXTRAordinary. :) [Contributed by sagarika]
  • Obstacles are LIFE asking you to wake up, be on your toes, be more creative. obstacles are LIFE's way of telling us to jump over theres alannd higher, greener and fresher. obstacles are LIFE's way of telling us that we deserve much more [Contributed by jyotsana]
  • I think an obstacle is in the mind ..It doesnt really exist in a material sense [Contributed by Lakshmi]
  • For me OBSTACLE
    is an Absolutly Tackable thing.
    some times we do feel like its enuff nothing cant be done but your parents , freinds or even god helps you in one or other way.

    life wudnt have been xiting without it .. all good cant be digestable [Contributed by Subu's Blog]

I realized that a question can have many correct answers ...its depend on how we look on to the matter. Isn't it ?

So what 's your definition about obstacle ? I will be waiting to hear from you .

Till then take care


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


prologue :

This is my first effort to write something which I have never written earlier. I can not guarantee whether you will like it or not. But then I thought why not give it a try .And you all are there to support me. :)

I am not giving it any title …..I leave that task to you all.

It’s always light behind,
Just we fail to look forward.
It’s always peace there,
Just courageously face turbulence.

It’s always good there,
Just we need to support right.
It’s always bright there,
Just need to defeat the fear beneath.

Its always love there,
Just we need to think selflessly.
Its always home there,
Where togetherness dwells “happily ever after”

…….. And that is what I call
Salvation of a true heart

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy holidaying

Spending sometime off the routine,makes me happier.And as all of you will understand that i even don't blog in-routine [:P]

I visited my page couple of time and was very happy to know that my readers have become my friends and are with me always.[note of thanks!!!]

I had a three day short holiday and i enjoyed every bit of it.
Wanna share something.......

My perfect holiday-rules:

1. Never miss an opportunity...
2. Get good company
3. Don't forget credit cards ...I can leave anything else behind .
4. Take rest as much as I can .
5. Keep electronic gadgets out of my reach.
6. Cook Delicious food(err i think they are delicious)using recipe book.
7. Watch movies regardless of where ever I am.

So in a nutshell.My holiday means : EAT.SLEEP.MOVIE.SLEEP.EAT....BUT NEVER EVER THINK

I will be waiting to know what your holiday means ....
till then stay happy-shappy

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Before all of my readers conclude that I am out of blog sphere, let me confirm that
I was doing a month long research for a war winning weapon to achieve happiness. And I think I got something to share.....…

Happiness is a too big idea to keep it within oneself. No one can be really happy if the environment around is not happy. So to win the war of achieving happiness I present my next idea.

The new idea is named “happy-ing”.

“happy-ing” is a collection of unique ways to create happiness around you.

I am citing few examples with probable implications. I think they can be adopted and modified accordingly ……..
(Please don’t laugh at them even though some of them may sound weird. Trust me sometime weird ideas are worth trying)

1. Do you know your milkman’s name? Or the guy who gives newspaper in morning?

Get up early. Wish them, and see the bright genuine smile on their face. It can make your day!!!! This is “happy-ing”

2. Many of us go for a walk in park or jog.(some though walk in dream like me:))
While jogging in a park to test “happy-ing”, I smiled at an elderly couple. The way they waved back …..suddenly I got some new friends.
Now I go for daily walk

3. There is a lady in my work place. In my entire tenure here I have not seen her smiling or chatting with anybody. People call her unhappy soul. Decidedly I greeted her in the morning. Her reply was cold. However I continued just for sake of “happy-ing” her (and it was really tough!!!).Then one day I had an issue in her department. To my surprise she helped in……
When I turned to thank, she patted me cordially ……WOW it worked!!!

After these incidents, now I wear a happy attitude and go “happy-ing” others.

So in short “happy-ing” is spreading the aura of happiness around ……

Don’t think much …just go “HAPPY-ING”

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

“Expression required:”–URGENTLY

Happiness is not granted
There is a war to get it. I have one weapon which may help to win the war (at least worth trying).The weapon is called “Expression”.Right expression expressed well in right time can do wonder.

So express right away when you have one. Life is too short to keep expression pending…

Surprisingly the word expression consist of “Express” which also means fast (like courier, logistics etc) so expression must have to do something with spontaneously

I have seen people, who wished,

“Had I said sorry”, “if I had said then - I miss you” and also like “if I had said -don’t go” …wish I said “love you”…….

But when they realize it finally it is already too late …

Very few lucky get the second chance!!!!

I realized to open up the gate of expression requires lot of effort and that is because you really need to surrender yourself to your inner self. Am still fighting the war where sometime I manage to win and that is a beautiful self where I can truly relate myself …..

I guess may be that’s why I like the punch line “express yourself”.

So what‘s the wait for? If you are irritate …express that ….if you are happy …your glowing smiley face should indicate that …And if you are in love let the person know and if you are sad let your tears strengthen you ; revealing oneself is an art and not hard to learn it trust me.

Because more we express ourselves …more we get to know of ourselves and more immense potential we get hold of …..

Waiting for the right time?

Frankly speaking the right time is “right now”……

"Express –to show, manifest, or reveal”:"

Monday, June 9, 2008

AM TAGGED .......

Okay !!! now am to this tagging area .And i never thought it will be so beautiful experience .
Sucharita and Sidhubaba tagged me . Wow!!

so as per rules am posting the next three lines from page 123 of the book :"Love Stories" (by Eric Seagal)

that his hair had grown grayish(and perhaps thinner) in these three years.
'Come in son,'he said.I could not read the tone .

so i don't know what happens next (i hope soon to reach that page !!)

well I am Tagging My Five favourite Blog Freinds ...attached together with thoughts and words .....


Am happy to find these wonderful people here .

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some unanswered questions

I explored some interesting stuff and would like to share with you all……

1) Strings: what make art beautiful? Is it the sketch or the colors?

2) Who for whom? Is it children creating mother or mother creating children?

3) Who leads what? Is it the traveler leading the way or way leading travelers?

4) Who exists? Is it relatives for relation or relation for relatives?

5) Beauty: Is it beauty for eyes or eyes for beauty?

6) Love: Is it love for each other? or each other for love

Finally will like to conclude with one last quest .

7) life: Is it life for living or living for life ?

The questions are endless…..
But does that require any answers?

I think some questions care for no answers….And that makes our life more humane .

What say guys?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

When faith leads

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” - St. Thomas Aquinas

Often I‘ve seen there are two or more than two options for a single way and I know how difficult it is to choose one among them.
Our mind transforms into a battlefield between heart and brain, between reason and emotion, between logics and irrational feelings …..Phew too hard to determine what to opt!!!

Recently I was a witness to such a dilemmatic situation. ……….

My dad bought an Apartment three years ago before his retirement. While my mom always wanted a home made by them but compromised considering my dad’s health.
There had been a long discussion on it between my parents after which they chose to buy the apartment in a metro city where the medical facility is convenient enough.

Now after couple of years staying there my parents started complaining about the pollution, concrete jungles and boundless traffic. My dad was depressed since he can no longer pursue his gardening due to space crunch ….

They finally asked me “what to do?”
I never take much time in answering question but this time it was hard to give a quick reply .I thought hard and realized that whatever the way they choose there is no right or wrong about it. They have their own portion of merits and de-merits.

1. I understand country house is good as it have space for gardening but then what about maintenance? While in apartments there is a great facility of maintenance but where is the space to garden?

2. Medical facility is convenient in metro but then pollution free environment in country side is a boost to health.

3. I understand apartments may be a bit congested with so many flats at side but then in a house made, where is the optimum security, especially for two senior citizens staying alone?

So many views and counter views baffled me, unable to decide what to do. I remembered my friend once told me that calming down self help in deciding. And I could see how right he is.

The next time my parents asked me “what to do?”
My answer was- “FAITH”

I believed there is no wrong or right about a decision. Each option leads to some unique destination. It is the faith in our decision which make us contended .Even if the things don’t work out as expected at least there is a satisfaction that I tried my own way rather than following someone’ s else path .
And I think that is called “experience”--- life’s methods of teaching to live ………

P.S:- My parents are happily staying at apartment while my dad started junking the veranda with flower pots (according to my mom!!!)
.But yes they are happy with their faith …….

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Noisy Silence ….

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die.”
- Amelia Burr

It is really amazing how technology have changed our lifestyle, our modes, social structure ….and eventually our “life”. Friends don’t get me wrong I am in very support of technology as everybody of us; after all it is also a creative bent of human mind.

I just want to ask a very simple question, as I asked myself:

How often we have spent time ONLY with oneself? With nobody but serene nature?
When did we last hear the black bird chattering at the peak of its voice? When did you last get out with your fishing equipments?

My answer to myself was; when I was 5 years old.

I wondered may be sometime a life without cell phone would be peaceful …and soon my cell started ringing ….. Call from my parents!
So what can be the solution to an important cell phone?

I permanently turned it to vibrating mode. I felt sometime I can resist attending all calls...
I have started communicating with my friends and parents who stays away from me in a very old system or traditional as preferable……

Writing letter in post card!!!! it was funny as I started writing ,specially when I made lots of mistake while writing a simple letter to my friend …….but at the end I was happy to write (not type ) . I felt it was something which my heart narrated and I truly expressed.

I generally put on my headphones when I feel the ambience chaotic …..But then I realized sometime it is equally enjoyable to hear all the “noise” and laughter around you…. hear other people speak, to see how they rejoice, how they express….

Incidentally to listen, feel and enjoy these varieties of environment, it is necessary to be silent. For me silence is not noiseless atmosphere but I define it as a state of mind which enables us to connect with the outside world completely!!!

I feel we can hear more, see more and learn more when we are silent from inside. For example while meditating …I hear lots of sound (even a burning oven in my neighborhood attract my attention) why? Coz I am super silent from inside (well people would call it distraction while meditating …..But is it not widening of senses?)

So I have a request to all of you. See everything you can see right from the new leaf of your garden to the new attendant in your workplace…..
Feel every inch of existence …… relish every taste that your taste buds can afford and to do this only requirement is Love the life ……….

What say?
keep exploring ......

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wonders Rules:

Yesterday I visited the elegant and one among the seven wonders of world “The Taj Mahal”. It’s been a hot afternoon when I reached the city of Agra .I was little annoyed with the climatic condition .Irrespective of inconvenient transport system I finally reached at the gate of Taj Mahal. The entry gate made up of red old bricks had touch of its historic time as I tried to imagine the Taj Mahal ………………

But soon I realized my mistake ,when I stepped there inside the historic monument I was just spell bound .I could not figure out how can anybody built it …so beautifully ,so magnificently? I realized how stupid I was trying to judge its beauty at the exterior gate.

I stared at it as if somebody glued me to the marble floor with some magical power. I proceeded slowly step by step, trying to feel each inches of the layout

I can not describe the beauty,it is beyond my imagination as well as analysis. Rather I want to share some of my thoughts with all of you.

After exploring the whole Taj I sat quietly at a corner from where I could see the Yamuna River flowing…and I let loose myself in the stream of thoughts……

I wondered how an emperor (“Shah- Jahan”) could imagine such a beauty especially who was known for a merciless heart? I stared at the flowing Yamuna asking it the answer of all my queries…the only witness of time and its tale.

1. I realized that each and every person have a touch of divinity in him …it depends on how well we can carry it…the divine power always give us a chance to improve ourselves …
And any art is nothing but the reflection of that higher power or may be the direct connection.

2. I think here monument is the self conscience of the emperor. He shed limitless blood and had merciless regime and yet he knew that he was doing wrong and possibly he tried to wash the stain of his wrongs, building the milk white monument.
May be we can built a beautiful conscience full heart …just quite comparable with “Taj Mahal” so that our heart and soul don’t have enough space to get indulged in any complexity …..

3. I learned not to judge anything seeing its exterior …..Judgmental mind can be catastrophic. Same way I felt judging a person means de-valuing the pure soul that is residing in him

4. What we do is what we get paid off …..That is so true .the emperor was captivated and jailed by his own son .He had nothing in his later life except grieve, sorrow and may be repentance…..

5. Lastly “love” is the only word that can create beauty…Shah Jahan built this Magnum Opus in memory of his beloved wife “Mumtaj”.
Love in all form never destroys; it elevates humankind to the richness and texture of glory and pure radiance…………..

The dusky light of sunset illuminated the tower and it stood there tall and vibrant as if smiling ……whispering the unsaid stories of time …long long ago ………………..

PS: - the snaps will be posted at :-

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Suddenly Firstly Happiness

Yesterday I decided that enough is enough .How long will I put off myself from cleaning the loft? And yesterday evening I just prepared myself to clean the mess up (I think pretty comparable with kings before any war).

Well how I managed to clean it up and how well I did is a different saga altogether. Rather I am here to say a different story…..

While I was cleaning the stuffs I noticed a very old wrapped paper bag with tons of dust in it, lying very distinctly at a corner as if waiting for years to be freed. I managed to sidetrack all the materials and grabbed the packet…and I found a worn out “diary”……….

My “first” diary. I was literally hypnotized as I sat at the dirt turning the yellowed pages .I read each pages as if I could still feel the hours near to me, I felt those bygone moments sitting next to me …I laughed a lot and may be at some point my eyes went moist (I think tears are colors of emotions and they can represent happiness too)

Suddenly I felt an urge to search my first watch I knew I had kept it somewhere...that was a gift from my dad for getting promoted to high school. I found it at my old school bag …still elegant and proud to be my first possession…I tied it round my wrist .I realized at once that even though I bought hundreds watches ,they are just incomparable to this masterpiece……

School bag was a treasure to me …it appeared so …justifiably

1. I found a couple of sketch pens….I won them at a quiz for the first time!!!!(Even I was astonished at my memory!!!)

2. A single piece of withered rose (typical infatuation…I agree)

3. My red cartoon depicted pencil box …. (I threatened my mom that I will miss my weekly test if she doesn’t buy me that …and incidentally that was my first pencil box too.)

After the hunt was over I emerged energetic ….may be I was again the little silly girl in a dancing frock , with all the power in hand to turn the world upside down…….and finally I concluded that “firsts” are the happiness of fulfillment and are therefore irreplaceable .

I found this snap gifted by my friend Mir quite enchanting as the bench waits for its first traveler to rest ……..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happily Unpredictable

I apologize for not able to write anything for more than a week and surely that requires an explanation to all my readers. The reason behind the absence was an unplanned tour. I have been a bit of disciplined person (though I can not promise that in case of my wardrobe) .Otherwise I at least ensure to keep myself in position to face any situation. In that case I suppose I was brought up with the ideology that success is synonymous to discipline. (Can we say it a Genetic Ideology??)

Anyways before the last week I visited my close friend who was sick due to stress .I found myself advising her to take a break and have a nice tour?

While returning back to my place I questioned myself that why on earth I advice her that stuff? Is that something in my subconscious mind? Or am I trying to fulfill my wish? ……………………….

The next day I woke up early in the morning went to buy two tickets (a surprise for my fiancée) for the next day, packed my bag and went straight to my fiancée. ……

I know it was shocking for him to hear my plans but I was pretty sure, he was excited as well. And may be his spontaneous happiness induced a special joy in me. I am glad that I tried to explore the world of “un-planned” …….

The next part is all about exploring the unknown places and feeling the essence ……we traveled a lot but never did I feel tired. We ate like gluttons and slept peacefully……I think happiness in seeing some unseen feels this way……..

Unpredictability has its own attraction and vigor apart from excitement, I realized. Never before I knew that an aimless walk can be such a fun, foods at roadside so tasty and traveling in a cart car so exciting……….

I wish I had been “unpredictable” earlier……But then ‘better late than never’

NB: - I will soon post the snaps in my photo blog …..Till then I wish all of you unpredictable happiness

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekends Are Over-But Not The Fun

So the fun is over? Facing the “Monday blues”? I have developed ways where I found it useful to deal with these stress factors of weekdays.
I will be happy enough to share my crazy but useful (I hope) table.
I have divided each day with an aim and a zeal to live the day fullest.

Monday: - It’s a running evening for me. I run till I get exhausted and I really feel good after the heavy run. The every drop of sweat has its own relaxation I think……
And after a days work I think it’s a good way …to feel nature and a cool breeze. I wait Monday evening for the …relaxing walk.

Tuesday: - it’s an evening with my family. As I stay away from them …I talk to them .listen them and try giving them the time for it…may be I try to balance out between family and profession…but it works for sure.

Wednesday: - the day starts with a good meditation .In the evening I go out for a shopping with my fiancée and not a costly one .sometime buying me a chocolate do wonders (oh!! I let out my secret).strolling aimlessly with him gives me sense of freedom …freedom from stress and noise.

Thursday:-well only one more day to go excites me enough .I bring home a good book to read…the one I never managed to finish.
And while I read the book …I feel complete, a sense that completing a good book can only provide.

Friday:-The last day of weekdays…and I review myself …..I dedicate my evening with some good social work. May be, either helping someone in need or hearing someone who needs some support… evening dedicated to “humanity” of course.

Saturday and Sunday ……..time to add spice in your very own ways

I wish all my readers a very happy “WEEKDAYS”

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

EMI of Happiness

I call it ‘SMILE’. You must be wondering why not ‘LAUGHING’?

Well in that case I want to share my opinion. I think laughing is not connected with inner joy; it’s more superficial rather .Whereas smile is associated with real happiness of heart.

Let me give an example. Yesterday there was a huge conference and quite a lengthy one. I managed to stay attentive for couple of hours but then my mind started wandering in some far away lands of Ulysses (may be I was reading the poetry the night before).

I was woken by a thud of laughter in the conference room. Something the orator said provoked the laughter in all. (Am sorry I can not really share with you all since I did not hear it myself).
I don’t know but I joined the laughter very stupidly, I admit.
Somehow I manage to ask my fellow colleague the reason behind.

To my surprise he said he did not hear it and was laughing so that others may not identify him as inattentive. I was really amused and I ‘smiled’.
I discovered how the meaning is different though it is suppose to show the same feeling.

I realized how we are making fool of ourselves; how our inner conscious part mock at our foolish endeavor to prove ourselves smart.

In our life many time we smiled,which really touched our heart and we can remember most of them .But can we recollect a happy instance where we have laughed? I think a person can laugh thousand times a day but smile only occasionally.

I realized; to smile I don’t need promotion, neither a trip to Switzerland. A small dew drop at the edge of grass can make me smile. The little underprivileged children playing with dust can make me smile, watching the sunset in my roof can make me smile…………..

And I don’t think there is any sort of “smile club”?
But I know one thing; one can smile if he wants to .Only requirement is: give mind the time to wander, to feel, to listen and to relish the very ordinary life with extraordinary beauty in it.
The sincere effort needed is to open the locks of seriousness, responsibility and other for a while and free the mind, let it enjoy the breeze and lilies of moments……….

I understand this small smile may not be spectacular but effective enough to be happy and light from inside; to savor the wonderful life we are grant to and sometime to make some one else happy…………

And by the way who do not want to be happy?
That’s why may be it is said, “Smile is the only curve that set things right”

Keep smiling !!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Nostalgias

Yes, I call it ‘happiness in nostalgia’ and dictionary support it as “a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time”. But never before I realized that a person can really be happy from nostalgic moments. I have always seen it as some moments which after recalling leave me melancholy, because I can never get them back (may be that’s how my psychology worked!).

The day before yesterday I was returning home after a stressful day work. My mind was congested with issues. Suddenly I saw a teenage girl in her Scooty as free as the soothing breeze, flying with colors. I don’t know how but gone from my sight the heavy traffic, the loud music in my car …………………

I landed myself in my little red bicycle. I remembered how I pressed my parent to buy me that, I remember my first fall from that and nevertheless it was very precious to me. Suddenly there was a sudden urge to ride it. Some inner call may be, to get out of the luxury car and ride that red bicycle.

My mind started wandering in some lands .I remembered the sweet shop near my home. I loved the taste of that “chanaboda” (an Indian sweet similar to gulabjamoon but having a harder coating) .And even today in my mind the taste remains intact in spite of my uncountable visit to Mc Donald’s. (I don’t intend to hurt the feelings of any Mc. Donald’s burger lover).

I remembered how my dad used to bring me lozenge named as “Poppins”, strangely enough I don’t know whether it exist now or not.

I smiled at, how I used to play with goats (it’s serious they were my play mates as well!!!).
Innumerable shades and color of thoughts moved me. I did not realize when I reached home? I would have entered in a heavy mood; instead I unlocked my home with a smile and a light heart.

I felt very good from inside and I discovered that nostalgia is a good therapy to bring back that smile in your face, to lighten you up and sometime to give you that extra strength for that work.

Everybody of us face strenuous situation which leave us disastrously weak mentally. I suggest apply the nostalgia therapy .But one should recall only those moments which make you smile (I don’t think recalling of punishment will help much).
But may be moments of innocence and some childish stupidity can work. I strongly support to what mind speaks. Forget status, problems, time and try to live for that moment if only once. It is my assurance, you will be happy at the end.
It is possible that nostalgic expedition help us to understand our needs and more than that; ourselves more clearly …...………………….

NB: - I enquired home about that bicycle; my parents were baffled at first. I came to know it was sold to scrap long ago …..So I bought one red bicycle yesterday (similar to old one if not exactly) and today onwards I am going to ride it.

“Have nice nostalgic moments” !!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beautiful Traffic Jam

Well you all may be wondering that am speaking insane. How can that frustrating traffic jam be beautiful? But that’s my blog deal with, finding happiness in every possible area, in every possible way.
Okay lets face this truth that most of us do face this weird traffic jam more than often (in India and Delhi/NCR more specifically)

I always get stuck up in them, I see my fellow cab mates get angry and frustrated and eventually end up listening songs in their ipod. Most of us do feel the same way .But I thought why not deal with this constant problem more sportingly?
I am jotting down some ways to deal with this and I will be happy to get feedback from my readers.

1. Observing faces (girls don’t get me wrong here) - Observing all the faces nearby, seeing how each one react uniquely is very enjoyable. Here I would like to state one such instance where this particular gentleman rung his wife and was stating the inconvenience of coming home early ……well the horns and yells of cars actually saved his ear from the “reply back” I suppose. Because he put his phone (his wife still conversing) in the dashboard and smiled peacefully, so dealing with pretty household issue is quite beneficial (huh!!)

2. Cars – if you are thinking of buying a brand new car and not sure of the style and features, this is the right time. You can actually see what the trend in the market is. You can closely study the feature of the vehicle (minus test drive). Bikers can also find variety of sport bikes or the bike in demand very closely, at least pretty sure to make up mind.(Here i want to add if you see a person driving BMW and wearing a red T-shirt ,then know,it is very much in fashion).

3. Extra time – need to submit an assignment tomorrow and still not confident? You may be thinking how to manage time for that last moment preparation. Just relax, go on with that extra one or two hour and happily have the preparation, in the conference blame it on that “traffic jam” (not applicable to students and no hard feelings ok?)

4. Thinking time – perfect time to think ,if you are real thinkers who thinks your thinking can change the world ……go ahead think!!! I think one can really work on their projects while stuck up in traffic jam.

Last but not the least, who knows you, can find your soul partner here, just need to open your eyes in right direction!!!!!

So I hope the next time you get yourself wired up in this jam, you can make yourself productive and happy at the end …..

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentino's Valentine

I think, Valentine’s Day is more significant to flower vendors than anyone else.
While coming to my office I have to pass through ten crossings, but never before I found my way so flowery. I felt there is something unusual in my way, suddenly I noticed the pretty girls buying flowers (red roses) at Rs. hundred bucks a single piece (I never knew they are so costly before!)

The flower vendors appeared to be in a high demand; somewhere I saw a glimpse of happy smile in their faces in spite of huge crowd surroundings.

I finally reached my office a bit late, but no one seems to ask me about that. They are engaged in some conversation which appeared alien to me. Soon I realized they are talking about Valentine’s Day gifts.

“You know he gifted me a diamond ring this valentine’s, they are so pretty, but I can not wear them here, they shine so much (I knew that diamonds generally shines).I don’t want to attract further attention”, says one.
The other one quipped, “yeah nowadays diamonds are so widely available, so he just booked a brand new Swift for me ,I really liked the car you know , I was so happy to know ,don’t you find that sweet of him ? I was a silent listener to these conversations, when suddenly we got a call from our boss for a facility meeting. And they have to put an end to their interesting conversation and I have to put an end of listening.

So is this the meaning of celebrating Valentine’s Day? I questioned my self. But no answer .I smiled thinking at least I am out of this norms coz’ I have a different way of celebrating it.
I hope you don’t mind Valentino?

Friday, February 15, 2008

how a person realized happiness

Akash thought “I am a successful man today”, driving his newly bought Honda Civic he remembered, how his company GeoGraph recently crossed million dollar revenue and being a CEO he knows it was really tough.

He is in a different mood today thinking deeply about his childhood, “Jane Kahan Gaye Woh Din” on radio mirchi made the thoughts more intense. While crossing the subzi market now he thought, this is the place he used to come with his father holding his hand. “I miss you dad” he said to himself.
Buzz Buzz Buzz his black Moto razor on the dash board is vibrating but he ignored the call and resumed thinking. He is feeling young; free from this material world and suddenly he feels the need to come out of these daily meetings, problems, traffic, parties etc.

Akash took a u turn drove 30 min straight to reach the place, parked his car and started walking. Ohh Its still looks same; here he first held her hand. He traveled back 5 years to his first date in the famous paranthe wali gali of chandni chowk.

Today is the time; he summoned courage and finally knocked the door after five long years.