Thursday, May 31, 2012

Changing Lanes

Am not reviewing the movie but yes that was a real nice Ben flick!
I am more here to share with you, my soul friends the recent happiness I discovered. I have recently discovered that I love watching the cook shows (I am a terrible cook). It’s not that I aspire to join the ‘masterchef’ or participate in any cook show; it’s the simple fact that the whole process of cooking needs such an amount of dedication.

Right from selecting the raw sources, garnishing, adding right proportion of spices to ultimate dressing up of the dishes, the cook delicately went through the process showcasing tremendous control and at the same time impeccable love at what he was doing. I mean ….that’s the real catch there “Do what you like” compromise will be an obsolete word soon.

Life too needs that amount of dedication and love that we seldom offer. It’s not in chasing the career ladder or aiming to please everyone around. I feel it’s discovering some little wishes, some absurd dreams and few loud thinking …anything that connects to the soul.

At least got a point where I get to connect with my life (Umm!!! nowadays I walk 1 hour at night ALONE)
Do let me know your connection point.

P:S # How do you like the term ‘Soul Friend’?

Stay Happy