Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Power Unleashed

It’s a bright morning again here at Delhi. Though I must admit the winter is set ready to embrace all with its magical cold breeze. By the way I am a big fan of winter .

Winter always reminds me of warmth. Warmth in stylish jackets, in woolen pullovers and of course warmth in all those hang out places ….

I am feeling lot positive vibes nowadays. And strangely am getting up in the morning with a smile on my face; presumably for “happy dreams" last night.

I was quite amused about this positive change with "no tension" like eerie feelings.

Why so? I questioned myself on this particular afternoon over a cup of tea.

I realized....

.. this is happy morning because I wanted it to be happy

this is a bright cheerful day because I wanted it to be so and suddenly I felt myself so powerful, so enigmatic …..

May be coz somewhere in my childhood memories I had happy play time during winter vacations …and so winters got synonymous with happy moments for me …

once again illuminates the idea how strong we are mentally …how absolutely enormous power we have to change our surroundings …just we don’t use them.

And I vowed myself over that cup of tea :

  • Am not going to think of any sentences that start with “what if I had….”
  • Am not going to repent on any thing …that’s a learning experience
  • Am going to pamper myself with beautiful dreams . May be I can not fulfill all of them but yes I can give a try and definitely I will succeed at least in couple of them
  • And lastly am going to explore my inner self ….to know who am I ? And I know that’s the toughest of the lot.

Well that’s all about me …but don’t forget to share with me what’s your best season and why and what’s your stake on this

Have bright moments!!!