Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy - Answers

What is an Obstacle ?

Not a very hard to answer we all face them in quite many ranges in everyday life .

Interestingly dictionary answers it this way :

An obstacle is something, material or non material, that stands in the way of literal or figurative progress

It suddenly appeared to me that the answer is pessimistic …something which induces a low down feeling .......

Why not giving them a new perspective and follow them . I am going to add a new view point. And I will be happy if you all write up some new optimistic opinions or anything you feel like to share. I will add them serial wise .

  • I think Obstacle is a way of knowing one’s hidden potential in order to win any Challenges or any hindrance
  • I think Obstacle is the gap between living life and leading the life. [Contributed by life is good]
  • Obstacles and our attempts at getting through it make us appreciate our lives much better. So I would say Obstacles are like stimulants to a beautiful life [Contributed by Arv ]

  • Obstacle is the last test on route 2 success. I believe, if there comes, at some stage, an obstacle in my path then behind it lies surely my goal. [ Contributed by Arunima ]

  • Obstacle is that bit of reality which trips you up when you're dreaming. OR it can also be that challenge you negotiate in order to realise your dream. [Contributed by Sucharita Sarkar]

  • Obstacles make our journeys worthwile..They are not stumbling Blocks rather stepping stones... [Contributed by The Rebel ]
  • obstacles bring adventure to our lives and...also obstacles bring us close to God as we seek to his blessings in difficult times. [Contributed by its_me ]
  • An obstacle is the difference in the ordinary and the extra ordinary..those who dont cross it are ordinary,and those who do are EXTRAordinary. :) [Contributed by sagarika]
  • Obstacles are LIFE asking you to wake up, be on your toes, be more creative. obstacles are LIFE's way of telling us to jump over theres alannd higher, greener and fresher. obstacles are LIFE's way of telling us that we deserve much more [Contributed by jyotsana]
  • I think an obstacle is in the mind ..It doesnt really exist in a material sense [Contributed by Lakshmi]
  • For me OBSTACLE
    is an Absolutly Tackable thing.
    some times we do feel like its enuff nothing cant be done but your parents , freinds or even god helps you in one or other way.

    life wudnt have been xiting without it .. all good cant be digestable [Contributed by Subu's Blog]

I realized that a question can have many correct answers ...its depend on how we look on to the matter. Isn't it ?

So what 's your definition about obstacle ? I will be waiting to hear from you .

Till then take care