Saturday, August 11, 2012

Revolution through Revelation

something lies beneath what is seen is the power that can change
There are hardly anyone who doesn’t know that change is but inevitable, yet we try to barricade the same change with our biased ego, fear and insecurity. So many instances of wrong, inappropriate and unjustified events are just laying plainly in front our eyes. Yet, we choose to shut tight our eyes in a vain effort to pass through the evil.
This inefficiency of character is just because of spine less society or some long seeded escapist psyche?
Whatever is the reason behind; the solution is not so complex. Perhaps that’s why it is concealed away in innocent and purity of mind. I found that the first step is the hardest but once one masters that, everything falls in balanced pieces. What I felt:

The first step is Acceptance- The readily we accept the fact, instantly our soul and moral gets its booster doze

Humble Approach- Letting down that judgemental ego and nourishing that humane trait while feeling the the magic that sets everything right .

Seeking the Right- Though tough but not impossible; but yes the path is risky. But then what’s life without a bit of adventure in it.

Revolution is the face of change and there is nothing better than a guilt-free sleep. The path of revolution is the one that ensure it. However small or insignificant it may look, fighting for some right cause (right is something that your soul and mind will direct you, not what society or some other person has defined it) will give ample of peace and enough reason to go on with a purpose.

What I have seen so far...each and every one of us has an elemental drive to ‘change something’ why not starting the change with ourselves...sounds fun right...let’s live it up !!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Changing Lanes

Am not reviewing the movie but yes that was a real nice Ben flick!
I am more here to share with you, my soul friends the recent happiness I discovered. I have recently discovered that I love watching the cook shows (I am a terrible cook). It’s not that I aspire to join the ‘masterchef’ or participate in any cook show; it’s the simple fact that the whole process of cooking needs such an amount of dedication.

Right from selecting the raw sources, garnishing, adding right proportion of spices to ultimate dressing up of the dishes, the cook delicately went through the process showcasing tremendous control and at the same time impeccable love at what he was doing. I mean ….that’s the real catch there “Do what you like” compromise will be an obsolete word soon.

Life too needs that amount of dedication and love that we seldom offer. It’s not in chasing the career ladder or aiming to please everyone around. I feel it’s discovering some little wishes, some absurd dreams and few loud thinking …anything that connects to the soul.

At least got a point where I get to connect with my life (Umm!!! nowadays I walk 1 hour at night ALONE)
Do let me know your connection point.

P:S # How do you like the term ‘Soul Friend’?

Stay Happy

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Happiness Slipped ...

It was a great day. I mean right from my alarm clock singed in '7:00 am honey' to sipping this hot smoking cappuccino in this freaking winter at a naked roof's awesome man!

But why am I feeling so special ? It's just a Sunday ...nothing much special about this particular Sunday. I pondered again "What's so special about this Sunday"?

The Coffee cup's warmth in my cold hand , shivering cold winds ruffling my already messy hair, a truck's honk far away...yes these are no reasons to be happy , right ? But are you so certain of it ?

What if I add another sentence to it like The Coffee cup's warmth in my cold hand , shivering cold winds ruffling my already messy hair, a truck's honk far away, I looked at my side and he drew me closer just to remind me a right company is just an embrace away.

Well am I seeing a tweak of smile there? I realized standing there 'special days' need not have to be exquisite with celebration , with people throbbing around or doing salsa can be as simple as watching the stars. Aimlessly trying to figure out which constellation is Orion, laugh together at silly mistakes and just share those potato chips together saying nothing.

Just as I said when happiness Slipped "IN" ....


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going out-of-box of ‘Boxed life

We live in a boxed life. Well if not all most of the ‘privileged’ ones does. You might be thinking I have gone nuts. But sometime realization bites me hard …only to be soothed away by time I guess. Coming back to the point “box life”, strangely I did get some vibes urging me to throw away the cuffs and it’s-easy-this-way life.

Wondered how the sweet home is a ‘box shaped’ entity? Or for the matter of fact that hangout zone…the comfortable cubicle where our career prospects grow at a rate of inversely proportional with happiness quotient?

I was completely taken aback when I realized the uncanny resemblance with the suffocating box cramped life. When I first thought of going out and breaking the hard shells of this box …sudden fear gripped me. I am so used to this structure of living….so habituate to the hassle free uber-lifestyle. I was so scared to take my feet out of the box and dangle it freely and feel the smooth air caressing it. But the freedom, the loosening act was so tempting; it was hard to control the urge of cutting all the ties. Again contemplating the desire, priority, responsibility, maturity tried hard to mess my mind. A delusional mind that’s deciding between rational livings with irrational emotional pursuit is really hard to manage. But unlike all the time …this time I cannot be diplomatic…

A concrete decision is needed. I chose out of box living. I am going out of priorities, of guidelines and specially ‘everyone does this’ benchmark. I am going to live life in my own terms. I am going to travel a lot…I ‘m going to meet new people and occasionally am going to share some secrets …C’mon it’s ONLY ONE LIFE and we don’t have any REWIND PAUSE Button ….

Are you guys with me? (Would like to hear a ‘yes’) …

Would love to hear your idea of living J

With love


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Space Please

How nice it would be if our life had a 'space' and 'overwrite' button. Press 'space' and create a gap from distress moment while the 'overwrite' button can transform the gravest moment into a happy one.

At first I used to think why people want this so called 'space' in their life . Is not it that we are a anti-loner and always seek companionship every now and then? Slowly things got clearer.
Space is that anti-depression pill that momentarily isolates you from the trouble causing area, it does not immunize you. So doze of space must be accompanied by 'overwrite' pill.

Now this 'overwrite' button is very magical and strangely every one has a hold of it. We just need to believe that situation can be modified if we really are flexible on 'perspective' point. Now applying this overwrite requires a bit of skill . C'mon not every trouble area require pain killer, do they?
So we need to work smart and we need to blend the potion for better results. Sometime just 'ignoring' the pain area helps in 'overwriting'.

With love

Saturday, July 17, 2010

‘Kite’y Experience

I have come across many kite flyers, who irrespective of age just get excited for the game. Once my dad shared with me detail knowledge of how to ‘prepare a good kite’ to ‘how to fly it higher without touching ground’ techniques.
During my childhood, grandpa used to tell me stories of his boyish adventure and how he used to sneak pass his school corridor just to fly a kite and the consequences that followed next, usually with punishment of ‘kneel down’ and ‘caning ’.
Surprisingly the game was quite popular among girls gang. Well not as front players but mostly doing the back office job like preparing the glues, string setting, cutting etc. As I have heard from my uncles and mothers, it was a celebration indeed.

I wonder what happened to this so vibrant game. Leaving western zone of Gujarat, Rajasthan, I doubt hardly one nowadays take any interest. Can not blame them, where’s the opportunity. The skyscraper buildings, semi cloudy (smog) sky replaced kite flying with ‘need for speed II ’. Change after all is the constant element.

However, I was glad to be a spectator of a ‘kite flying competition’. I happened to visit a village, outskirt of a town called ‘Balurghat’. It was a grand event with locals pouring down, children shouting at the top of their voices accompanied by cycle bells. May be I can not write down the sensation I felt but I will try it. What I felt there was a ‘unity’ for a cause, innocence of human minds, cheerful ambience created by enthusiastic locals. In short it was brilliant.

But do you know what I enjoyed most?
When a kite which was flying high, navigated by a veteran sailor… went loose. It swung high, gave anticlockwise swirl midair and then started a ‘free fall’. Yes!! I enjoyed the freedom it showed , I enjoyed the life it lead and I witnessed the best part of kite flying; when it run loose …just out of any control.
image courtesy: google

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Desperate Letter

I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me...

But I could not; I wish I could let you see my expression, But that too I could not. I know am lost and sometime I really wanted to belong to you ...just to you. I could not. Your presence comfort me in unuttered silence and I reciprocate with equally silent perhaps got unnoticed. I was unable to show you that I know you care.
I am sure these are nothing but may be some part of those ruptured emotion which seeped through the uncontrolled mind of an Alzheimer’s meant something.

Each day you came, sat and stroked my hair while I lay passively. I could see the desperation in your eyes and yet I could not reach them, console them …I just could not. Three long years I have seen you come and go till last night.
There were confusion and wanting in you…there was life ready to enter you …I could see that. I could sense that you are tired with the regular visit with no sign of recovery; I could see your part torn in wariness, loyalty and duty for your beloved wife so much that you are forcefully withdrawing yourself from the love you deserve. The love that is waiting for you outside the door of this institution…I could see it.

My dear, love is boundless at least it should never give you a feeling of hopelessness. I am sure you will have the life that we once dreamt…but am happy if it is not with me trust me; am really happy. Before I succumb totally and bid farewell to all these bounds and emotional earthly cuffs I wanted you to know you were a special gift and though I could not tell you how much I wish to kiss you one last happy .

Still, I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me...