Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy holidaying

Spending sometime off the routine,makes me happier.And as all of you will understand that i even don't blog in-routine [:P]

I visited my page couple of time and was very happy to know that my readers have become my friends and are with me always.[note of thanks!!!]

I had a three day short holiday and i enjoyed every bit of it.
Wanna share something.......

My perfect holiday-rules:

1. Never miss an opportunity...
2. Get good company
3. Don't forget credit cards ...I can leave anything else behind .
4. Take rest as much as I can .
5. Keep electronic gadgets out of my reach.
6. Cook Delicious food(err i think they are delicious)using recipe book.
7. Watch movies regardless of where ever I am.

So in a nutshell.My holiday means : EAT.SLEEP.MOVIE.SLEEP.EAT....BUT NEVER EVER THINK

I will be waiting to know what your holiday means ....
till then stay happy-shappy