Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How many more Attacks needed before emerging as “Globanians”

Well this is not particularly to the attackers of Indians in Australia, but towards every individual who claims themselves to be resident of twenty first century. Who claims to be ‘modern’ and ‘literate’? I have my own reservation regarding the terms though.

Each and every day I come across at least one article which preaches reader to lead a balance life, to show compassion and kindness. Stunningly at the same time I encounter twenty more articles on Violence, Terrorism, Rape, Murder and Child abuse.

The fact is that we don’t want to leave our animal behavior; we just try to wrap it under some names like “education”, “Culture”, “modernization” blah blah!!!
International meets, memoranda sign, expansion of Global Corridor, these are terms which holds importance to very few and very few realizes the meaning ….literally very few. In countries where People fight for just a morsel of bread and other basic amenities like water and shelter, what importance this “Global market” may possibly have?

The attacks reveal nothing but the lack of sanity and humanity. We have long forgotten how to share. We have abandoned our rights in Fear. We have just become unknown citizen with some pin codes. The unfortunate part is that we lost somewhere in this “genetic evolution” our humanity.

So when the world shouts in the name of globalization, my eyes searches for that Globanian. Because I trust we all are potential candidate, just we need to evoke ourselves from the slumber of Ignorance. We just need to be what we actually are – “HUMAN”

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