Thursday, May 12, 2011

Space Please

How nice it would be if our life had a 'space' and 'overwrite' button. Press 'space' and create a gap from distress moment while the 'overwrite' button can transform the gravest moment into a happy one.

At first I used to think why people want this so called 'space' in their life . Is not it that we are a anti-loner and always seek companionship every now and then? Slowly things got clearer.
Space is that anti-depression pill that momentarily isolates you from the trouble causing area, it does not immunize you. So doze of space must be accompanied by 'overwrite' pill.

Now this 'overwrite' button is very magical and strangely every one has a hold of it. We just need to believe that situation can be modified if we really are flexible on 'perspective' point. Now applying this overwrite requires a bit of skill . C'mon not every trouble area require pain killer, do they?
So we need to work smart and we need to blend the potion for better results. Sometime just 'ignoring' the pain area helps in 'overwriting'.

With love