Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How many more Attacks needed before emerging as “Globanians”

Well this is not particularly to the attackers of Indians in Australia, but towards every individual who claims themselves to be resident of twenty first century. Who claims to be ‘modern’ and ‘literate’? I have my own reservation regarding the terms though.

Each and every day I come across at least one article which preaches reader to lead a balance life, to show compassion and kindness. Stunningly at the same time I encounter twenty more articles on Violence, Terrorism, Rape, Murder and Child abuse.

The fact is that we don’t want to leave our animal behavior; we just try to wrap it under some names like “education”, “Culture”, “modernization” blah blah!!!
International meets, memoranda sign, expansion of Global Corridor, these are terms which holds importance to very few and very few realizes the meaning ….literally very few. In countries where People fight for just a morsel of bread and other basic amenities like water and shelter, what importance this “Global market” may possibly have?

The attacks reveal nothing but the lack of sanity and humanity. We have long forgotten how to share. We have abandoned our rights in Fear. We have just become unknown citizen with some pin codes. The unfortunate part is that we lost somewhere in this “genetic evolution” our humanity.

So when the world shouts in the name of globalization, my eyes searches for that Globanian. Because I trust we all are potential candidate, just we need to evoke ourselves from the slumber of Ignorance. We just need to be what we actually are – “HUMAN”

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Monday, May 18, 2009

HONESTY award From adarsh

Adarsh awarded me with the "Honest Scrap award” and has tagged me to say 10 things about myself honestly ,which I will try at my best.

Here it goes :

· I love simplicity in every form.
· I am not at all a Food craver but I can have ice-cream at any amount at any time
· I am voracious reader. There is no specific Type; I read books which I Find connection with.
· I love listening soft music in a dim-lit room.
· Am an ardent movie lover. I love movies of genres Sci-fi, mystery , Action and Rom-com
· I can never say a truth blatantly if that hurts someone.
· I hate quarrels and high speech volume
· Am an internet savvy
· I can sleep at any point of time without much effort
· I feel miserable if I fight with my dear ones

Now passing the baton to:
· Priyanka
· Jyotsana
· Sucharita
· The Wandering Gypsy
· Sam
· Arv
· Its_me
· Riya
· Fragrant Thoughts
· Misadventures of a 20 Something

Will be waiting to hear from you all Though i wanted to scrap all , but since the limit is 10 so i will pass it to another 10 persons next time.

Love you all

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometime all we need is an Ear

I am in the lobby, waiting emphatically for the verdict.
The presentation cost me seven day sleep deprivation accompanied by weird research papers and gallons of coffee. I am trying to comfort myself , yelling silently that my paper is perfect , I have cross checked the report ….I can not afford a single mistake………

At last she is on stage with a tiny list in her quivering hand (I don’t know how at this odd hour I could manage to see her hand clamping the microphone).
She announced at last - the Project goes to …………
“Mr. Shivranjan”

Thud!!! I felt the ground beneath shaking hard, ignoring the law of gravitational force
Noooooo!!!! I was desperate to move out….

Never before I felt the way towards home such insignificant; in fact everything appeared so insignificant….
I needed to tell someone…..May be I should call Akash
“Bailamos!!!......” Caller tune just acted add-on to my already sour mood.
Damn it!!! Busy in meeting. Huh!! Why am I bothering, after all am a grown up I know how to tackle myself.

Ma papa!!! my heart ache for them; like all other selfish children out there , who can afford only a week (maximum) to stay with them and remember when one is really sick.

Hello Ma ?
“OHH Sheena your mom is downstairs you know we got a whole new set of furniture, there are some guests out there, and you remember Uncle S….
“Ummm Papa am in traffic let me call you in a hour”

Ohh God Help me!!!
It took me Thirty minutes to reach my place ….this traffic gets my nerves sometime
Reaching the door, a voice distracted me, my laundry lady waiting for me.
Didi you are so late? Her guardian tone inquired but all of a sudden I felt so comfortable in answering her then which otherwise would have irritated me.

And right from the strategy of paper work to the presentation, I vomited her all… I was so vulnerable regardless the point that she hardly understands my hardship. Through out the one sided conversation she only had made some nodding remarks, at the end the elderly lady put a hand on my head and told “it’s too late and you have undergone an already tough situation, eat something and try to have some sleep. Everything will be ok.”
At that very moment she was my friend, guardian, companion and my guiding angel. She soothed my soul with some indescribable affection.
I have always seen her loading and unloading clothes from the apartment. Little I knew about the person and never conversed beyond Hi and how much….

Some failures are far greater than winning I guess. Sometime we get so much in return just by mere compromising, Sometime all that matter is an assuring conversation, a supportive hand , two expressive eyes and an ear to listen another heart ….
If you have this, you have a wonderful bounty life; you perhaps know then, the meaning of “Life”

Monday, March 16, 2009

“Goodbye” Is Good

Sometimes “Goodbyes” are so important part of life.
It helps to understand that what is left behind is cherish able.
I think at some extent “good bye” helps to know how we are been perceived.

As I witnessed such a goodbye, I came to know that even though I had my own share of both good and bad times, but during the last few parting moments, I could only recollect the good events.

And suddenly my mind is full of contentment that yes!! everything we bypass and every moment we come across at some point of life you get the reward of those good moments shared…..

Relations have always been fascinating to me. I often wonder; how from one node of life to other we come across so many different faces….we meet…. we walk considerable distance ….and then we part . But “do we forget them”?
My answer is “no”, we can’t, because in the course of life those faces do contribute a significant role and sometime pivotal.

Farewell is such an occasion where we vow to keep those faces safeguard and may be some other sunny day we would recollect them without whom some chapters of the book called "life" would have been incomplete.

So I insist “goodbye is good”. And just a “see ya later”

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February to you !!

I wish "February" from you,
Let love grant us Freedom :

From Pain
From Fear
From Boundaries
From Obligations
From Rules
From Luck
From interpretations


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Communication "Dil Se"

Human have been granted the most amazing method to communicate.
And I am not saying about electronic media….

I am saying about the infinite expression we hold in ourselves.
Is not it fascinating to observe the infinite expressions; just seeing it without trying to decipher anything?

Recently I went to lunch with my friend in a food joint.
As he was going through the menu, I was going through the charming faces present there.
I saw a family hurriedly taking their portions and whispering some untold saga...
Noticed two good friends laughing their heart aloud remembering some old joke

And just then in a corner seat, my eyes caught upon a very good looking couple.
They were communicating through the language of soul.

Now you all may be wondering “what’s the big deal in it, for a couple to be in love and they are conversing”?
Nothing but that they can not speak neither can they hear .They were conversing using sign language (I prefer call it language of Soul)

Their each finger was expressing thousand words... I wonder I have ever used so many emotions and words …..
Apparently their world may seem silent but in reality they had the most uninterrupted and heart full sounds, music, words and natural expressions …..I could see it, in their eyes….

The best part is that they have a little daughter, who can speak and hear. At the same time she knew the perfect ways to communicate with her parents. It was such a heart whelming to see the proud parents as they were expressing their love in that cute li’l one.

I just could not help myself but to see them and trying to feel the essence of their true heart. In this course I smiled and got back a sweet nod from them …..may be a small "hi"

Now I am so baffled … I am thinking for quite a time now that I use so many words to speak. But this incident did teach me how to use “the silent” words. I am yet to learn it though completely.

What does u say when somebody asks you “how are u?”
Possibly “I m fine, what about u “or “great, thank you” or “okay, how u”

Don’t you guys think we have such few options (word choice) or that we are conversing so stereotypically?

The mind storming questions are
When did we stop to speak from heart that now we are left with alphabets, sentences and few idioms ….? When did we stop to speak through eyes ….? When did we stop to be “us” just us?

Give it a Thought!!!!!