Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Noisy Silence ….

Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die.”
- Amelia Burr

It is really amazing how technology have changed our lifestyle, our modes, social structure ….and eventually our “life”. Friends don’t get me wrong I am in very support of technology as everybody of us; after all it is also a creative bent of human mind.

I just want to ask a very simple question, as I asked myself:

How often we have spent time ONLY with oneself? With nobody but serene nature?
When did we last hear the black bird chattering at the peak of its voice? When did you last get out with your fishing equipments?

My answer to myself was; when I was 5 years old.

I wondered may be sometime a life without cell phone would be peaceful …and soon my cell started ringing ….. Call from my parents!
So what can be the solution to an important cell phone?

I permanently turned it to vibrating mode. I felt sometime I can resist attending all calls...
I have started communicating with my friends and parents who stays away from me in a very old system or traditional as preferable……

Writing letter in post card!!!! it was funny as I started writing ,specially when I made lots of mistake while writing a simple letter to my friend …….but at the end I was happy to write (not type ) . I felt it was something which my heart narrated and I truly expressed.

I generally put on my headphones when I feel the ambience chaotic …..But then I realized sometime it is equally enjoyable to hear all the “noise” and laughter around you…. hear other people speak, to see how they rejoice, how they express….

Incidentally to listen, feel and enjoy these varieties of environment, it is necessary to be silent. For me silence is not noiseless atmosphere but I define it as a state of mind which enables us to connect with the outside world completely!!!

I feel we can hear more, see more and learn more when we are silent from inside. For example while meditating …I hear lots of sound (even a burning oven in my neighborhood attract my attention) why? Coz I am super silent from inside (well people would call it distraction while meditating …..But is it not widening of senses?)

So I have a request to all of you. See everything you can see right from the new leaf of your garden to the new attendant in your workplace…..
Feel every inch of existence …… relish every taste that your taste buds can afford and to do this only requirement is Love the life ……….

What say?
keep exploring ......

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wonders Rules:

Yesterday I visited the elegant and one among the seven wonders of world “The Taj Mahal”. It’s been a hot afternoon when I reached the city of Agra .I was little annoyed with the climatic condition .Irrespective of inconvenient transport system I finally reached at the gate of Taj Mahal. The entry gate made up of red old bricks had touch of its historic time as I tried to imagine the Taj Mahal ………………

But soon I realized my mistake ,when I stepped there inside the historic monument I was just spell bound .I could not figure out how can anybody built it …so beautifully ,so magnificently? I realized how stupid I was trying to judge its beauty at the exterior gate.

I stared at it as if somebody glued me to the marble floor with some magical power. I proceeded slowly step by step, trying to feel each inches of the layout

I can not describe the beauty,it is beyond my imagination as well as analysis. Rather I want to share some of my thoughts with all of you.

After exploring the whole Taj I sat quietly at a corner from where I could see the Yamuna River flowing…and I let loose myself in the stream of thoughts……

I wondered how an emperor (“Shah- Jahan”) could imagine such a beauty especially who was known for a merciless heart? I stared at the flowing Yamuna asking it the answer of all my queries…the only witness of time and its tale.

1. I realized that each and every person have a touch of divinity in him …it depends on how well we can carry it…the divine power always give us a chance to improve ourselves …
And any art is nothing but the reflection of that higher power or may be the direct connection.

2. I think here monument is the self conscience of the emperor. He shed limitless blood and had merciless regime and yet he knew that he was doing wrong and possibly he tried to wash the stain of his wrongs, building the milk white monument.
May be we can built a beautiful conscience full heart …just quite comparable with “Taj Mahal” so that our heart and soul don’t have enough space to get indulged in any complexity …..

3. I learned not to judge anything seeing its exterior …..Judgmental mind can be catastrophic. Same way I felt judging a person means de-valuing the pure soul that is residing in him

4. What we do is what we get paid off …..That is so true .the emperor was captivated and jailed by his own son .He had nothing in his later life except grieve, sorrow and may be repentance…..

5. Lastly “love” is the only word that can create beauty…Shah Jahan built this Magnum Opus in memory of his beloved wife “Mumtaj”.
Love in all form creates...it never destroys; it elevates humankind to the richness and texture of glory and pure radiance…………..

The dusky light of sunset illuminated the tower and it stood there tall and vibrant as if smiling ……whispering the unsaid stories of time …long long ago ………………..

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Suddenly Firstly Happiness

Yesterday I decided that enough is enough .How long will I put off myself from cleaning the loft? And yesterday evening I just prepared myself to clean the mess up (I think pretty comparable with kings before any war).

Well how I managed to clean it up and how well I did is a different saga altogether. Rather I am here to say a different story…..

While I was cleaning the stuffs I noticed a very old wrapped paper bag with tons of dust in it, lying very distinctly at a corner as if waiting for years to be freed. I managed to sidetrack all the materials and grabbed the packet…and I found a worn out “diary”……….

My “first” diary. I was literally hypnotized as I sat at the dirt turning the yellowed pages .I read each pages as if I could still feel the hours near to me, I felt those bygone moments sitting next to me …I laughed a lot and may be at some point my eyes went moist (I think tears are colors of emotions and they can represent happiness too)

Suddenly I felt an urge to search my first watch I knew I had kept it somewhere...that was a gift from my dad for getting promoted to high school. I found it at my old school bag …still elegant and proud to be my first possession…I tied it round my wrist .I realized at once that even though I bought hundreds watches ,they are just incomparable to this masterpiece……

School bag was a treasure to me …it appeared so …justifiably

1. I found a couple of sketch pens….I won them at a quiz for the first time!!!!(Even I was astonished at my memory!!!)

2. A single piece of withered rose (typical infatuation…I agree)

3. My red cartoon depicted pencil box …. (I threatened my mom that I will miss my weekly test if she doesn’t buy me that …and incidentally that was my first pencil box too.)

After the hunt was over I emerged energetic ….may be I was again the little silly girl in a dancing frock , with all the power in hand to turn the world upside down…….and finally I concluded that “firsts” are the happiness of fulfillment and are therefore irreplaceable .

I found this snap gifted by my friend Mir quite enchanting as the bench waits for its first traveler to rest ……..