Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometime all we need is an Ear

I am in the lobby, waiting emphatically for the verdict.
The presentation cost me seven day sleep deprivation accompanied by weird research papers and gallons of coffee. I am trying to comfort myself , yelling silently that my paper is perfect , I have cross checked the report ….I can not afford a single mistake………

At last she is on stage with a tiny list in her quivering hand (I don’t know how at this odd hour I could manage to see her hand clamping the microphone).
She announced at last - the Project goes to …………
“Mr. Shivranjan”

Thud!!! I felt the ground beneath shaking hard, ignoring the law of gravitational force
Noooooo!!!! I was desperate to move out….

Never before I felt the way towards home such insignificant; in fact everything appeared so insignificant….
I needed to tell someone…..May be I should call Akash
“Bailamos!!!......” Caller tune just acted add-on to my already sour mood.
Damn it!!! Busy in meeting. Huh!! Why am I bothering, after all am a grown up I know how to tackle myself.

Ma papa!!! my heart ache for them; like all other selfish children out there , who can afford only a week (maximum) to stay with them and remember when one is really sick.

Hello Ma ?
“OHH Sheena your mom is downstairs you know we got a whole new set of furniture, there are some guests out there, and you remember Uncle S….
“Ummm Papa am in traffic let me call you in a hour”

Ohh God Help me!!!
It took me Thirty minutes to reach my place ….this traffic gets my nerves sometime
Reaching the door, a voice distracted me, my laundry lady waiting for me.
Didi you are so late? Her guardian tone inquired but all of a sudden I felt so comfortable in answering her then which otherwise would have irritated me.

And right from the strategy of paper work to the presentation, I vomited her all… I was so vulnerable regardless the point that she hardly understands my hardship. Through out the one sided conversation she only had made some nodding remarks, at the end the elderly lady put a hand on my head and told “it’s too late and you have undergone an already tough situation, eat something and try to have some sleep. Everything will be ok.”
At that very moment she was my friend, guardian, companion and my guiding angel. She soothed my soul with some indescribable affection.
I have always seen her loading and unloading clothes from the apartment. Little I knew about the person and never conversed beyond Hi and how much….

Some failures are far greater than winning I guess. Sometime we get so much in return just by mere compromising, Sometime all that matter is an assuring conversation, a supportive hand , two expressive eyes and an ear to listen another heart ….
If you have this, you have a wonderful bounty life; you perhaps know then, the meaning of “Life”