Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Communication "Dil Se"

Human have been granted the most amazing method to communicate.
And I am not saying about electronic media….

I am saying about the infinite expression we hold in ourselves.
Is not it fascinating to observe the infinite expressions; just seeing it without trying to decipher anything?

Recently I went to lunch with my friend in a food joint.
As he was going through the menu, I was going through the charming faces present there.
I saw a family hurriedly taking their portions and whispering some untold saga...
Noticed two good friends laughing their heart aloud remembering some old joke

And just then in a corner seat, my eyes caught upon a very good looking couple.
They were communicating through the language of soul.

Now you all may be wondering “what’s the big deal in it, for a couple to be in love and they are conversing”?
Nothing but that they can not speak neither can they hear .They were conversing using sign language (I prefer call it language of Soul)

Their each finger was expressing thousand words... I wonder I have ever used so many emotions and words …..
Apparently their world may seem silent but in reality they had the most uninterrupted and heart full sounds, music, words and natural expressions …..I could see it, in their eyes….

The best part is that they have a little daughter, who can speak and hear. At the same time she knew the perfect ways to communicate with her parents. It was such a heart whelming to see the proud parents as they were expressing their love in that cute li’l one.

I just could not help myself but to see them and trying to feel the essence of their true heart. In this course I smiled and got back a sweet nod from them …..may be a small "hi"

Now I am so baffled … I am thinking for quite a time now that I use so many words to speak. But this incident did teach me how to use “the silent” words. I am yet to learn it though completely.

What does u say when somebody asks you “how are u?”
Possibly “I m fine, what about u “or “great, thank you” or “okay, how u”

Don’t you guys think we have such few options (word choice) or that we are conversing so stereotypically?

The mind storming questions are
When did we stop to speak from heart that now we are left with alphabets, sentences and few idioms ….? When did we stop to speak through eyes ….? When did we stop to be “us” just us?

Give it a Thought!!!!!