Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekends Are Over-But Not The Fun

So the fun is over? Facing the “Monday blues”? I have developed ways where I found it useful to deal with these stress factors of weekdays.
I will be happy enough to share my crazy but useful (I hope) table.
I have divided each day with an aim and a zeal to live the day fullest.

Monday: - It’s a running evening for me. I run till I get exhausted and I really feel good after the heavy run. The every drop of sweat has its own relaxation I think……
And after a days work I think it’s a good way …to feel nature and a cool breeze. I wait Monday evening for the …relaxing walk.

Tuesday: - it’s an evening with my family. As I stay away from them …I talk to them .listen them and try giving them the time for it…may be I try to balance out between family and profession…but it works for sure.

Wednesday: - the day starts with a good meditation .In the evening I go out for a shopping with my fiancée and not a costly one .sometime buying me a chocolate do wonders (oh!! I let out my secret).strolling aimlessly with him gives me sense of freedom …freedom from stress and noise.

Thursday:-well only one more day to go excites me enough .I bring home a good book to read…the one I never managed to finish.
And while I read the book …I feel complete, a sense that completing a good book can only provide.

Friday:-The last day of weekdays…and I review myself …..I dedicate my evening with some good social work. May be, either helping someone in need or hearing someone who needs some support… evening dedicated to “humanity” of course.

Saturday and Sunday ……..time to add spice in your very own ways

I wish all my readers a very happy “WEEKDAYS”


Josy said...

Thansks for your visit in my blog...
See you!!

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Oh! I have seen weekend planner, but a weekday planner? Nice thought.

Eye! said...

That's a nice story to think about.. a bit like mine on Secret Sunshine in a way.
I often wonder where the get the energy from to do lots of things during the week outside work, but I guess everything affects everything and the more you create, the more you'll have...

jyotsana said...

seem to be having a great time...and have a great journey on jiyo dil life in a heart felt way.really like this

Sachin Garg said...

was fun reading your blog!

Anonymous said...