Thursday, April 3, 2008

Suddenly Firstly Happiness

Yesterday I decided that enough is enough .How long will I put off myself from cleaning the loft? And yesterday evening I just prepared myself to clean the mess up (I think pretty comparable with kings before any war).

Well how I managed to clean it up and how well I did is a different saga altogether. Rather I am here to say a different story…..

While I was cleaning the stuffs I noticed a very old wrapped paper bag with tons of dust in it, lying very distinctly at a corner as if waiting for years to be freed. I managed to sidetrack all the materials and grabbed the packet…and I found a worn out “diary”……….

My “first” diary. I was literally hypnotized as I sat at the dirt turning the yellowed pages .I read each pages as if I could still feel the hours near to me, I felt those bygone moments sitting next to me …I laughed a lot and may be at some point my eyes went moist (I think tears are colors of emotions and they can represent happiness too)

Suddenly I felt an urge to search my first watch I knew I had kept it somewhere...that was a gift from my dad for getting promoted to high school. I found it at my old school bag …still elegant and proud to be my first possession…I tied it round my wrist .I realized at once that even though I bought hundreds watches ,they are just incomparable to this masterpiece……

School bag was a treasure to me …it appeared so …justifiably

1. I found a couple of sketch pens….I won them at a quiz for the first time!!!!(Even I was astonished at my memory!!!)

2. A single piece of withered rose (typical infatuation…I agree)

3. My red cartoon depicted pencil box …. (I threatened my mom that I will miss my weekly test if she doesn’t buy me that …and incidentally that was my first pencil box too.)

After the hunt was over I emerged energetic ….may be I was again the little silly girl in a dancing frock , with all the power in hand to turn the world upside down…….and finally I concluded that “firsts” are the happiness of fulfillment and are therefore irreplaceable .

I found this snap gifted by my friend Mir quite enchanting as the bench waits for its first traveler to rest ……..


cutie said...

hey that was touching
i too find myself filled with emotions when i go through my 'diary'

Kagahn said...

See please here

Mir said...

Well ... Sorry couldn't make it to be the first person to comment.

When it comes preserving old memories I must thank my mother who took care not to let dust gather on any of my anitiques which includes my first Handwriting copy,my first drawing book,a soft plastic teady bear (which happens to be my "first" doll) she had bought for me on my first birthday and many such jucks.

Hey, the pic looks great here.Thanks for giving it a meanning.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

That was such fun to read. I am glad you have the diary and the watch and all those memories. Thanks for sharing with the world.

Loved the photo too. I wonder how many people have sat and rested a bit there.

jyotsana said...

that was lovely s. that was a wonderful reading for me. i was waiting for ur post for quite some time. and this one stirred some emotions within.i too have my ole diaries with me...and its like going thru the maze smelling the lovely childhood.

Salar said...

See Please Here

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Thanks so much for your kind sentiments on my blog. You are right, I think love is the answer to most of our problems and sadness--love for each other, love from our Heavenly Father, and love for ourselves. I appreciate the love you have sent my way. May God bless you this day.

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Oh!!This is called as sweet memories!
Hey..Your writing gets better day by day:)

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Sunil said...

Hi there,
That was really touching.

True that the FIRSTS of our life are indelible. Like first love, first diary, first bike, first PC and so on.

Have a nice time. :)

Sukhdeep said...

i was lost in my skool memories after reading this.. :)
and i feel so urged to write a diary everyday. i want to pen down .. bt m not abt to start doin the same.. :P

newayz.. keep writng.. keep rockin

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

Hi..a nice post,must say everyone wants 2 go back 2 the good old days where we are loved by selfish thoughts,no hatred,also no responsibilities as well:-)keep writing..