Saturday, August 11, 2012

Revolution through Revelation

something lies beneath what is seen is the power that can change
There are hardly anyone who doesn’t know that change is but inevitable, yet we try to barricade the same change with our biased ego, fear and insecurity. So many instances of wrong, inappropriate and unjustified events are just laying plainly in front our eyes. Yet, we choose to shut tight our eyes in a vain effort to pass through the evil.
This inefficiency of character is just because of spine less society or some long seeded escapist psyche?
Whatever is the reason behind; the solution is not so complex. Perhaps that’s why it is concealed away in innocent and purity of mind. I found that the first step is the hardest but once one masters that, everything falls in balanced pieces. What I felt:

The first step is Acceptance- The readily we accept the fact, instantly our soul and moral gets its booster doze

Humble Approach- Letting down that judgemental ego and nourishing that humane trait while feeling the the magic that sets everything right .

Seeking the Right- Though tough but not impossible; but yes the path is risky. But then what’s life without a bit of adventure in it.

Revolution is the face of change and there is nothing better than a guilt-free sleep. The path of revolution is the one that ensure it. However small or insignificant it may look, fighting for some right cause (right is something that your soul and mind will direct you, not what society or some other person has defined it) will give ample of peace and enough reason to go on with a purpose.

What I have seen so far...each and every one of us has an elemental drive to ‘change something’ why not starting the change with ourselves...sounds fun right...let’s live it up !!!


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