Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Nostalgias

Yes, I call it ‘happiness in nostalgia’ and dictionary support it as “a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time”. But never before I realized that a person can really be happy from nostalgic moments. I have always seen it as some moments which after recalling leave me melancholy, because I can never get them back (may be that’s how my psychology worked!).

The day before yesterday I was returning home after a stressful day work. My mind was congested with issues. Suddenly I saw a teenage girl in her Scooty as free as the soothing breeze, flying with colors. I don’t know how but gone from my sight the heavy traffic, the loud music in my car …………………

I landed myself in my little red bicycle. I remembered how I pressed my parent to buy me that, I remember my first fall from that and nevertheless it was very precious to me. Suddenly there was a sudden urge to ride it. Some inner call may be, to get out of the luxury car and ride that red bicycle.

My mind started wandering in some lands .I remembered the sweet shop near my home. I loved the taste of that “chanaboda” (an Indian sweet similar to gulabjamoon but having a harder coating) .And even today in my mind the taste remains intact in spite of my uncountable visit to Mc Donald’s. (I don’t intend to hurt the feelings of any Mc. Donald’s burger lover).

I remembered how my dad used to bring me lozenge named as “Poppins”, strangely enough I don’t know whether it exist now or not.

I smiled at, how I used to play with goats (it’s serious they were my play mates as well!!!).
Innumerable shades and color of thoughts moved me. I did not realize when I reached home? I would have entered in a heavy mood; instead I unlocked my home with a smile and a light heart.

I felt very good from inside and I discovered that nostalgia is a good therapy to bring back that smile in your face, to lighten you up and sometime to give you that extra strength for that work.

Everybody of us face strenuous situation which leave us disastrously weak mentally. I suggest apply the nostalgia therapy .But one should recall only those moments which make you smile (I don’t think recalling of punishment will help much).
But may be moments of innocence and some childish stupidity can work. I strongly support to what mind speaks. Forget status, problems, time and try to live for that moment if only once. It is my assurance, you will be happy at the end.
It is possible that nostalgic expedition help us to understand our needs and more than that; ourselves more clearly …...………………….

NB: - I enquired home about that bicycle; my parents were baffled at first. I came to know it was sold to scrap long ago …..So I bought one red bicycle yesterday (similar to old one if not exactly) and today onwards I am going to ride it.

“Have nice nostalgic moments” !!!


cutie said...

so now i know what do u mean wen u say there's a lot to 'think'

that was a very sweet memory to share ,it brought a smile on my face(sp.d note in d end)

Anonymous said...

thats so true....sitting alone at times i do get the same thoughts nd thy do brng smile on my it brought 1 nw....thnx for brngng back that smile again...

Megha said...

Truly said sayani....i hv often found myself smiling while remembering my childhood memories and all the fun i and my cousins used to do back in my hometown.
well...these r not just memories bt precious moments that i'll cherish all through my life.

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

Yes. I've tried this therapy sometimes. It works!
Wishing you many more nostalgic moments to come!

B said...

the memory is already getting stronger especially now that i've read this blog

S.Ghosh said...

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said @ thanks for sharing and wish you too the happy nostalgic moments....

b @ I hope you have sweet memories to cherish life long .

cutie@ thinking is good for health what say!!!

Anonymous said @ am glad if i can bring smile in your face

Megha @happy nostalgias and may you find them countlessly.

jyotsana said...

thats some going back. the seers say get rid of the past moments whether good or bad coz they r dead but just like u going back is such fun and so was reading this post.

pilgrimchick said...

I think this is a great experience to really look for in one's enviroment rather than just drift from one happening to another. I recently drove by a place I used to live, and a whole lot of memories associated with that place came flooding back....and it was a great mental experience...