Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentino's Valentine

I think, Valentine’s Day is more significant to flower vendors than anyone else.
While coming to my office I have to pass through ten crossings, but never before I found my way so flowery. I felt there is something unusual in my way, suddenly I noticed the pretty girls buying flowers (red roses) at Rs. hundred bucks a single piece (I never knew they are so costly before!)

The flower vendors appeared to be in a high demand; somewhere I saw a glimpse of happy smile in their faces in spite of huge crowd surroundings.

I finally reached my office a bit late, but no one seems to ask me about that. They are engaged in some conversation which appeared alien to me. Soon I realized they are talking about Valentine’s Day gifts.

“You know he gifted me a diamond ring this valentine’s, they are so pretty, but I can not wear them here, they shine so much (I knew that diamonds generally shines).I don’t want to attract further attention”, says one.
The other one quipped, “yeah nowadays diamonds are so widely available, so he just booked a brand new Swift for me ,I really liked the car you know , I was so happy to know ,don’t you find that sweet of him ? I was a silent listener to these conversations, when suddenly we got a call from our boss for a facility meeting. And they have to put an end to their interesting conversation and I have to put an end of listening.

So is this the meaning of celebrating Valentine’s Day? I questioned my self. But no answer .I smiled thinking at least I am out of this norms coz’ I have a different way of celebrating it.
I hope you don’t mind Valentino?


jyotsana said...

thats so true. the meaning of love has changed.

cutie said...

it ws too good

Anonymous said...


tats vry true....thoughts have been nicely putup....

Rahul said...

may be today Valentine day gifts are gettin more importance but wot i feel is that this day is all about love and gifts are just a way to tell how u feel!!!!

S.Ghosh said...

cutie@ thanks for your feedback ,stay tuned.

anonymous @ thanks and i hope for more valuable feedback

rahul @ thats what i mean the ceremony is getting hold off us rather than it's meaning .is not it ?

Rahul said...

i agree!!!!

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said...

So very well said.
Great minds think alike.
Thanks for sharing!

S.Ghosh said...

The Runner, Dreamer, Observer, Seeker said.@
thanks for your visit and feedback ,keep in rhythm....

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

So you are the one who leaves a single rose of Valentino's grave!

Anonymous said...

This is a nice effort. I really agree with you. Life is not about celebrating particular day it is about living to it fullest everyday. Hope to read more from you.