Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some unanswered questions

I explored some interesting stuff and would like to share with you all……

1) Strings: what make art beautiful? Is it the sketch or the colors?

2) Who for whom? Is it children creating mother or mother creating children?

3) Who leads what? Is it the traveler leading the way or way leading travelers?

4) Who exists? Is it relatives for relation or relation for relatives?

5) Beauty: Is it beauty for eyes or eyes for beauty?

6) Love: Is it love for each other? or each other for love

Finally will like to conclude with one last quest .

7) life: Is it life for living or living for life ?

The questions are endless…..
But does that require any answers?

I think some questions care for no answers….And that makes our life more humane .

What say guys?


the blue bicycle said...

Wow Sayani

you've asked some tough questions - and shown me pieces of your thoughts and mind ....

1. Art is beautiful because it stirs emotion in us ...
2. Children definitely create the mother, in my experience. i didn't have a clue as to what i was doing - i still don't. it is a daily learning process.
3. I think the true traveler allows the way to lead ...
4. relation for relatives ... otherwise i would probably divorce a number of them - ha!
5. i can't answer this: beauty for the soul?
6. definitely can't answer. Love exists above and beyound all of us. We are lucky if we can tap into it.

questions exist to explore our own limits and to stretch them. answers are entirely superfluous - because they are fluid and change often.

it is all in the question, dear one.

lady blue

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Wow, really thoughtful qs, but really tough, too.

1.Art is entirety, parts complementing whole
2.My daughters are definitely creating me...but I can only hope to leave a little of my imprint on them.
3.The way should make the traveller, but not in a time-bound holiday on a limited budget and two cranky kids in tow..
4.Relations are better at long distance...this is a relatively sensitive issue, so I'll skip
5.Beauty is, for me, definitely subjective.

But all answers are limited, though the questions are unlimited

K.C. said...

I love these questions and they are all such a part of my journey and they are all a part of what has led me to part of the happiness that I am trying so hard to obtain (and trying so hard to keep).

Unfortunately, and I have said it before in my blog, I am such a poor writer that I don't know how to answer the questions in a good way. They are such great questions. I love reading the answers and pondering them...

I think most people don't take the time to think about "thinking" about such things, and if they did...what a wonderful world...KC

Macadamia The Nut said...

Now you've made me sit and think. Arrrgh! Answeres! I need some answers!

chhavi said...

mind games huh...........
well i think some questions can be remained unanswered and one more thing answers for such ques varies 4rm individual to individual

Indrani said...

Thought provoking questions.
Well for the last one the ideal answer would be: 'life for living'
but practically it ends up being 'living for life'.

Thanks for visiting my potpourri. Do visit again. :)

riM said...

I think you all the answers dear.Still for your sake repeating them for you.

1. Why should we even bother what makes it beautiful? If u can create something beautiful create it and if u see something worthy cherish it.Don't question.
2. My mother has created me. I don't know how well I have played my part.
3. One who knows where he is heading leads the way. One who is lost is lead by the way.
4. "Relatives are those with whom you can relate to."-Remember who said this.You.
5. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
6. Its both ways or it doesn't exist.
7. When did u add this one? (is ur boss really troubling u:)?)

Now let me leave u few questions to ponder

"Where do butterflies go when it rains?
Who goes around & tucks in the trains?
What makes a teddy bear like to sleep?
Why do we all make promises that we can't keep?
Where do puppy dogs go when their sad?
And what do elephants say when their mad?
Who do you tell if you don't have a friend?
And how can a little ant carry that load?
Why write words that we have to erase?
Why does everyone have more than one face?" -A Simple Man (Lobo)

Eye! said...

Throughout life many questions remain unanswerred, but we keep on pondering and searching for them - why? because we can.

Let's be grateful we are here, let's be grateful for all we know.

Let's appreciate the kind & beautiful people that are trying to teach us a little bit more about who we are or who we could be and let's be thankful to them, for they are generous enough to share their thoughts with us.
So, thank you S!

K.C. said...

Loved what you said on my blog about the obstacles and difficulties meaning that I am moving in the right direction.... I truly believe it and feel it, for every story of success I continue to read proves it, so here's hoping! KC

jyotsana said...

hi sayani
wow ...what questions...they are more like quests....lets leave them unanswered...they will always defy our narrow understanding of our lives...beautiful questons with a mystery weaved around them ...lets not touch them...we might distort...lets not dissect ...they are so pure... complete in themselves...with open
ends...thanx for sharing such a beautiful piece...i know its going to haunt me even after i leave this page

Selerines said...

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Shekhar said...

Wow Sayani. Thats beautiful. I love asking questions to myself.

Trying asking simple introspective questions to yourself. Note down the answers and safely keep the paper. After a year ask yourself the same set of questions and see your answers change... You would surprise yourself. Well but it all depends on what kind of questions you ask to yourself ;)

And I agree with you that there are many questions in life that go unanswered...

Nitu said...

Some of them are of so profound we answer them dictate what we become..particularly, the 3, 6, 7..
You have really pushed me into a meditative mode.

Vartika said...

looks like I got my own piece of mind!:D
there are some which can be answered either ways for me and won't make a difference..about the others..lets c..
mother creating children and children transforming a woman to a mother..(play of words!?)
relations for relatives and relatives are people we can relate too! (agreed!)
beauty for the eyes and beauty in the eyes...
each other for love always!

A Liberated Soul said...


life is good said...

wow i am really not the right person to answer these questions may be i should ask MOMO. however i felt somehow you are also not interested in the answers its the questions that are more important.

sidhubaba said...

Answers are but excuses to deal with questions. With all answers available life would not be worth living.

The best questions in life do not have universal answers, but very personal ones. Find them, but find your questions first.

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Lovely thoughts there! :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

You have such wonderful insight, I just couldn't resist tagging you.

Do visit

please reply in a post. I'll love your take on the tag!

Raffy Jay said...

1. Strings: It's the person who appreciates.

2. Who for whom? by everyone to everyone.

3. Who leads what? "Who" leads the "what" most of the time. But sometimes world just turns upside down.

4. Who exists? *thinkin'*

5. Beauty: complementary!

6. Love: It's both.

7. Life: No one knows the exact answer...

Cinder-Single said...

Sayani, Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I will be back over here I loved this post.... I will be back tomorrow when I get in from work to look around some more!!

prajyot said...

hey nice article..and ur Q'ns are really thoughtful Q'ns...

Sunny Daffodil. said...

Very profound thought..Definetly soul stirring questions...What is a life if you don`t live for it.!??

Stacey said...

Wow very thought provoking...

But like you said....
Some questions care for no answers....

good post ;-D

sidhubaba said...

I have tagged you. I thought your choice of reading matter would be interesting. There is so much to read, so many excellent books we know nothing about, we should share.

Sayani said...

A BIG "THANK YOU " TO ALL OF YOU give so much of time and exploring this space ...
happiness all through .....

Casperbaba said...

Answers they way I perceive them.

1. Art is made beautiful by the thought. Pen and colors are just mere medium of expression and attraction. I quote here the book Saket by maithali sharan gupt- “abhivyakti ki kushalshakti hi toh kala hai”.
2. I think both give birth to both simultaneously. The mother gives birth to a physical form. But that physical form gives birth to a completely different Meta form inside of the woman. Called motherhood!
3. Well here none leads any. They both are independent in that regards they just accompany each other. At any moment one cud leave the other and walk onn.
4. None exists! Its only love that exists beneath all the complex layers of the human relationships.
5. It’s none! Its just beauty… and beauty can never be defined by an eye. Because the eye listen to what the mind says. Beauty is everywhere…. Just have to open the mind, heart and soul. This question would dissolve itself.
6. Its love for humanity.
7. Its life! Its just life.. And its beautiful.. Or it is the way it would b… the way u choose to look at it.

I apologise for being so late. But some valid questions there… I hope I did answer few of wat my mind said was rite. Was a pleasure to see u in my rambling space hopw to see ur traces there often."sayani"!!! indeed.... :).... With warm nd kind regards I pray good to bless u. 

its_me said...


all the questions gave us one answer ... that few things in life are so related that they are incomplete with out each other....

but its always life for living...for me at least ..

sid said...

**Who exists? Is it relatives for relation or relation for relatives?**---how true..or is it..each one for himself and yet not really cos relations are a necessity at times. I dont know about the answers to those ones-but what I do know is that-it requires alot of inward thinking to think those questions-to realise them-to put them in words-just the fact that you can realise them-think about them-makes one different from the rest!-Great thots!

Elspeth said...

Some questions are answers in themselves. The possibilities are too expansive to be limited by one 'answer'.

The Rebel said...

Nice ones....May be you could add one more question too..
Who am I?

Anonymous said...

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