Thursday, May 15, 2008

When faith leads

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” - St. Thomas Aquinas

Often I‘ve seen there are two or more than two options for a single way and I know how difficult it is to choose one among them.
Our mind transforms into a battlefield between heart and brain, between reason and emotion, between logics and irrational feelings …..Phew too hard to determine what to opt!!!

Recently I was a witness to such a dilemmatic situation. ……….

My dad bought an Apartment three years ago before his retirement. While my mom always wanted a home made by them but compromised considering my dad’s health.
There had been a long discussion on it between my parents after which they chose to buy the apartment in a metro city where the medical facility is convenient enough.

Now after couple of years staying there my parents started complaining about the pollution, concrete jungles and boundless traffic. My dad was depressed since he can no longer pursue his gardening due to space crunch ….

They finally asked me “what to do?”
I never take much time in answering question but this time it was hard to give a quick reply .I thought hard and realized that whatever the way they choose there is no right or wrong about it. They have their own portion of merits and de-merits.

1. I understand country house is good as it have space for gardening but then what about maintenance? While in apartments there is a great facility of maintenance but where is the space to garden?

2. Medical facility is convenient in metro but then pollution free environment in country side is a boost to health.

3. I understand apartments may be a bit congested with so many flats at side but then in a house made, where is the optimum security, especially for two senior citizens staying alone?

So many views and counter views baffled me, unable to decide what to do. I remembered my friend once told me that calming down self help in deciding. And I could see how right he is.

The next time my parents asked me “what to do?”
My answer was- “FAITH”

I believed there is no wrong or right about a decision. Each option leads to some unique destination. It is the faith in our decision which make us contended .Even if the things don’t work out as expected at least there is a satisfaction that I tried my own way rather than following someone’ s else path .
And I think that is called “experience”--- life’s methods of teaching to live ………

P.S:- My parents are happily staying at apartment while my dad started junking the veranda with flower pots (according to my mom!!!)
.But yes they are happy with their faith …….


its_me said...

whot do i say....its too difficult 4 me 2 understand......i guess you know my maturity level....but i think u ll definitely need pest control number....he he....well well presented....

chhavi said...

It is vry diff to face such situations.Mind it m syng it by my "personal exp."
Bt aft u overcome such issues u'll find urself laughing at them

backpakker said...

thats a very inspirational post..simple but real..thanks for visiting backpakker and for your comments there.I do hope you get to visit Moodubidri soon

akaash said...

nice thinking, good post! ur comment on Pink is quite encouraging. [:)]

K.C. said...

It is so true. Faith is something that once experienced, it can never be forgotten. KC

SunShine said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I have found time and time again that Faith is the answer and when you are able to truly live in Faith all unfolds accordingly. Thank you for this. Very insightful and soulful.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

This was a lovely post. You were very insightful when you told them about faith and look! It turned out wonderful.

jyotsana said...

hi sayani
first of all congratulations to me i have found the name of my friend.and the post is quite reflective and taking inwards....which your posts are doing these days....because thats the way it is.............. nowhere to go but in.

Casperbaba said...

hey.. thank for visting my space... i m hubmbled by ur appriciation. thank you. :)
about ur piece.... its very beautifull... faith is something that drives the energies within us.. the day faith dies... the same day v die.. or start dying... so its so refreshing to see sucha positive attitude towards life... will definately come back to read more... untill then....
take care!
god bless!

Sayani said...

its_me @ yeah buddy i know ...but is that too hard to understand ?

chhavi @ that is very true chhavi ...time make us cry and laugh

backpakker @ thank you and welcome here.

akaash@ hey i really wanted to hear abt pink ...and also thanks for the visit

K.C.@ thanks you for sharing your insight and i loved ur post very much .

SunShine @ thank you for the feedback .i agree with your vision and ur insights

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life@ that is very nice of you and always thank you for your suggestions

jyotsana@ anything for you ma'am.
tho' it was solely for you(name )
and isn't that what we search for "in"
thanks u 've actually cracked it
keep well....

Casperbaba @ thank you for visiting and leave such a lovely note here ....

the blue bicycle said...

This is a lovely post: revealing the dilemmas we all struggle with when facing choices and decisions.

I especially love the Aquinas quote. How true and truly profound - in so few words. I must memorize this. How many times could I have used this in the face of challenges to my faith.

Yes, as I too am struggling with a personal dilemma that has been dragging for over 18 months, I finally realized recently that I have absolutely no control over deciding when it will be resolved or how. Instead, I must rely on faith to see me through. Perfect timing is not within my realm to see - but faith sees all and responds in due time.

Lady Blue

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi Sayani (so that's the lovely poetic name hiding behind the business-like, prosaic S Ghosh!),

Such a thought-provoking post. It is very true, so many times in our lives we are stumped, wondering what choice to make, what road to follow. Like that poem which says that the poet came to two paths diverging in the woods, and he chose the less-travelled one.

I have the bad habit of always spending some time regretting the choice I did not make!

Thanks very much for adding me to your list of faves, I'm very flattered, and I really enjoy your blog, too.

Raffy Jay said...

Nice one! Sometimes it's hard to choose, not because there are no choices provided, but because there are a lot of them, and we just don't know what's the best one.

Vartika said...

Faith is the answer to it all but it does not come easy...however, in your case, glad that everything is worked out now!
and hey!
nice name Sayani! (S.Ghosh was kinda authoritative and scary;))

life is good said...

hi sayani
first thanks for your constant support.
u are doing great job. i must say u have deep insights of life keep going

Phoenix said...

:) Nice post. The right thing to do too :)

Shekhar said...

Thanks for visiting my space Sayani. Appreciate the perpective that you put forward in the blog. Really loved it.

A comeback-roopeshrn said...

Very true we need to believe in our instincts and move ahead no matter what we need to encounter in the future.
And congrats for getting the award-"Blogger of the day"..:-)

SwAtI said...

Hi Sayani!!

Lovely post!
Faith is the key word for anything n everything in world!!
It gives a lot of strength to change our lives for the better and to happily wholeheartedly accept what we cannot change.. :)

the basu said...

sayani eh?
well,u know i'd always prefer a countryside bungalow to an apartment in a metro when i retire :)
but considering the circumstances,it was a wise decision.and yeah,faith n belief r cornerstones of life!

jyotsana said...

hi sayani
really feels so good ...whatever u wrote here for me and on my blog. friendship is a strange emotion.
with affection.

Sucharita Sarkar said...


I've added you to my blogroll.

Lol and keep posting.

Sayani said...

the blue bicycle @ thanks .after visiting you i felt there is same purpose of our post ...speak to live

Sucharita Sarkar @ first of all thanks for listing me am flattered .Also b'coz u wrote the real pronunciation of my name :)

Raffy Jay@ your observation is so true ....

Vartika@hey i never before realized name are so important ....
thanks :)

life is good @ thanks buddy keep writing

Phoenix @ thanks for visiting

Shekhar@ its my honor if you liked it ...i will try to keep along with expectation and also thanks for the support

A comeback-roopeshrn@ thanks ...and u are back after long time

SwAtI @ yes swati u r right absolutely ...thats the key to keep going

the basu@ thanks for vising and sharing your insight

jyotsana @ friendship a sacred word only binds without limiting

Sam said...

Hey that was v ery well analysis....Faith is the bottom line, if you have it, anything can be accomaplished...

my first visit here...u have a good blog....

Stacey said...

Hi Sayani...
What a lovely post.......
Something tells me your Mum and Dad, would be happy in any place they choose to live, so long as they are together and have their faith. :-D

Sayani said...

Sam@ hi welcome here!And thanks for your comments i will be happy to see you here ....till then keep well

Stacey@ Oh ! thanks dear for the kind thoughts and wishes.
take care

~nm said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

I agree. There is no wrong or right. Its all perceptional.

Good that your dad has found solace in the terrace garden :) I've seen such lovely terrace gardens that the regular gardens look pale in front of them.

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Faith moves mountains and you did just that!

Cheers :)

bendtherulz said...

Greetings Sayani !

I am actually not surprised to see your post content. Your comment on my photo was so bang on !!

Your name is very beautiful and you write to suit that !!

:) Tk care

sid said...

I am looking for a "similar" faith at this point of time-cudnt have read your post at a more appropriate time!